Monday, April 21, 2014

achtung, bro: hardbreakers @ berlin fixed days

LAST MAN STANDING - Berlin Fixed Days 2014 from Hardbrakers on Vimeo.
i cant tell you how rad this event looks. the premise is simple: take a go kart track, put some track bikes on it, party til you puke. my familia known as the hardbreakers went out to berlin to try their hand at this epic race. my goodness, i want to party with these dudes.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

the orchestration: ff power hour XXI

ff power hour 11 from antonyoxxx on Vimeo.
i have been waiting for this day for so damn long. fixie factory's power hour is back, and it's as strange as when we last seent it. amazing stunts like jumping over girls, action in triples lines, and a really nutty follow the leader line. oh and the music is random as fuck.

ah, i've missed you so.


full length: turf bikes "word is bond"

TURF "Word Is Bond" Full Length from TURF BIKES on Vimeo.
i really dont want to get too much into this because i really want you to set your ass down and watch the damn thing. wonka, schmitt, combs, reyes, hamrick, watcha, JD and devo are turf bikes. you know what they're capable of. and if you dont know, then you may be living under a rock. everything is on point from the locations, to the random ass filler, all the way to devon eating a pizza while street surfing. yes, this is a real thing. so fuck what your're doing right now and watch this masterpiece.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

like old times: jason clary for state bicycle co

State Bicycle Co. - Jason Clary - Undefeated SF from State Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.
with ride n style coming up,  we should remember that jason is indeed the winner of the last one. state bicycle co has been backing him for a while now as he's been riding their undefeated frameset for that duration. he got in touch with macaframa's colin arlen to film this one (it's hella maca-esque) where he basically tears through san francisco. i'm still trying to wrap my head around the part where he nose mannys the median at a silly speed.


pad crashing: one spot, two days with cole ruffing

One Spot, Two Days from Cole Ruffing on Vimeo.
i get excited over cole's riding. one reason would be his ability to utilize a space well. i remember in one edit he pulled a nose 3 drop in the tightest space which really sums up what he's about.  take this for example. this spot is definitely a smidge longer than a bike lengths and he still goes on to do gnarly shit.  those last 2 flat tricks tho. inhuman.


flexin flexin flexin: matt spencer scraps

Matt Spencer | Scraps from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.
matt spencer is a frickin god. he will take the strangest fucking spots and make something out of it. dude aint even gotta barspin to keep it interesting. he just has a higher understanding of what is rideable and the result is fucking magnificent. wallrides everywhere, creative hitters, and footplants for days. if you havent watched this, then you missing out.


aerospoke choppin like a windmill: swerve by batmane

i aint got nothing but love for my NWF crew. i know they get a whole lotta flack for rapping about fixed gear bikes, but they're doing shit you aint doin so shut the hell up. you may remember batmane from his verse in blocboi fame's "i'm alright", and here he is with the crew in "swerve". as soon as his mixtape drops, i'll throw it up on the BHSK facebook.

also, that end tag song is legiiiiiiit.



Wednesday, April 9, 2014

checking in: phil visits LDG

(via lockedcog)
phillip arellano been writing for lockedcog for a while and he's been providing a ton of original stuff (which is refreshing) for the blog. recently he went to visit johnny coward and the dudes over at LDG in huntington beach. there's a whole lot stirring around in that shopfront (though it's been laying in the background for a minute). you should give it a read!


the rats: denis bejtic's concept bikes // ratshit // streets of toronto

concept bikes // ratshit // streets of toronto from RATSHIT // on Vimeo.
okay so enough of that sappy track bike shit. let's get hella strange and stuff. denis bejtic recently dropped this one for concept bikes. it's fuckin' weird. and i loved every gat damn second of it. it kind of reminds me of the wrahw witchtape series where there was a random assortment of cuts mashed into one lovely, incoherently coherent mess. it's rad. and the tricks are silly as fuck. nose down some stairs? insane. WATCH IT. WATCH IT MEOW.


the contrast: back to origins

Back to Origins from Stefaniya Gutovska on Vimeo.
so i stumbled upon this one, and i kinda dig the vibes. i think this is something we could all kind of relate to considering that the reason why a good amount of us are here is because of taking track bikes where they shouldnt be. yeah, this thing could be seen as a little artsy fartsy and preachy, and yeah the bikes may not be ravaging race machines, but fuck it- i dig it. hoodlum bikes with stickers plastered all over them really put a sharp contrast to the surrounding nature, which is rad. maybe you'll like it too.


to the wolves: roulant wolves kit reissue with chas and josh of TCB & clementine courier

Roulant The Wolves Kit from Roulant Clothing on Vimeo.
the folks over at roulant brought back their wolves kit with a promo vid featuring chas christiansen and josh rovner TCB/clementine courier (respectively) cruising corners and cutting fog in that city by the bay. warning: general hooning is involved. you could be hella cool like these guys by getting yourself something from roulant. the preorder runs til the 22nd of april and 5 percent of the proceeds goes to the bicycle messenger emergency relief fund!


the shiny bits: 2014 soma rush frameset

(via soma)
i've always had a soft spot for the soma rush and though it may not be the most technologically advanced or lightest frame on the market, it's definitely one of those mainstays that's been around for the longest time. plus, it looks njs without the njs price tag. this year, the folks over at some decided to dip this frame in shiny stuff. i likes me some shiny stuff. see it here.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

just like being there: red hook crit edition cinelli vigorelli

(via cinelli)
taking a page from nike, cinelli has released 20 of their finest vigorelli framesets donning the livery seen as red hook crit prizes. we all know about the red hook crit by now, and we all know how much of a beast the vigorelli is. i really dig this paint scheme since it has so many eye catching details, and the vigorelli is an icon in itself. check it out over here!


the world is yours: turf mob's "word is bond" premieres

the turf mob crew has been hard at work stacking only the best shit for the "word is bond" project. it's all done and in the bag, and all that needs to be done is drop the vid. this weekend they'll be dropping it at lower branch, and next weekend they'll be droppping it at iminusd. you best believe that i'll be at that imd release. for those who aren't in the area, y'all gotta wait til the 20th to see the video (hopefully you'll be in the right mind state on 4/20).

see you folks there!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

way back wednesday: revoked video premiere competition 2010

Revoked's Video Premiere Competition (2010) from MoN on Vimeo.
this was four years ago. yes, this was four fucking years ago. that's insane. to think that back then, EVERYBODY WAS RUNNING 700's.  that's insane. so many keos. that's insane. mesmerized by flat 3's and 3's down stair sets. that's insane.

this is insane. shout out to ramon for the the throwback!