Saturday, August 9, 2014

oh hey look, original content: bhsk post ride n style island shit clips

red bull ride n style 2014 shit island clips from BHSK_cogblog on Vimeo.
found a bunch of randoms in my hard drive so i thought i would dump em out there to the world. wait, that's a lie. i had a presentation for some college students over the stuff i do with cameras and used the shitty clips in a presentation. then i decided to put it up on the interwebs. enjoy.


triple b: jake matsukawa's shit clips

ol' shit clips 2012-2014 from 3b's Krew on Vimeo.
meanwhile in SLC, the fam jake has been killing it on the streets. he's an avid follower of the blog and here he's collected a bunch of clips of his riding- some smashing through traffic, some boulevard bombing, all fast shit. so much shit is happening out in slc, i really need to make my way down there!


the renaissance man: johnathan ball for bombtrack

Johnathan Ball | Bombtrack Welcome from JBall on Vimeo.
well that took a while. we all know that jball's been kicking around with a bombtrack divide for quite some time, but now we finally have something that's come out of the union. jball is a fuckin wizard on that setup which happens to be deemed as "old" in the eyes of FGFS. dude sticks everything down as if he were a fuckin cat- shit just keeps moving before and after a trick. the momentum he carries fucking godlike.

watch it.


the new stuff: leader revamps the 735 and 721

(via leader)
leader has been constantly improving their track bikes and in 2015, they've put some more goodies into their flagship 725 and 735. one of the main points that sticks out would be the new 2 bolt seat clamp system which looks snazzy as fuck. then the 735 differentiates itself from the 725 with the seat stays kicking up towards the top tube/seat tube cluster. you dont have to wait til next year to get them, you can check it out now over at leader!


the neighbors: alvin's beautiful day

Alvin's Beautiful Day from The Sleepers on Vimeo.
CBNC is no stranger to cycling, and neither is the homie alvin. CBNC finally has a kit available in conjunction with endo cycling, and it's based on stuff CBNC already makes (the stars button up and the rain camo shorts). it's pretty awesome. give them your money.


Friday, August 8, 2014

the only team member: alex gonzalez x breakbrake17 by matt reyes

Alex Gonzalez + BreakBrake17 from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.
you may be tired of hearing this but alex gonzalez is one of the most down ass dudes in the game right now. yungfixie is stupid fast and has no remorse about it. that's why even though BHSK isn't fucking huge, we do our best to support this guy however we can (hence the ongoing joke/nonjoke of alex being the only team member). hell, the guy is going to interbike under the BHSK name.


Friday, August 1, 2014

the globetrotters: jaoa and dew are everywhere


the thailand dudes have been around. recently they went down to so cal to do some filming with the dudes down there, and i think they're back in the bay area to fuck shit up again. these dudes are always riding or partying or causing a ruckus, and jaoa always seems to get a shit ton of footage of their travels. these are from their trips last year, and hopefully we'll be seeing something from this year soon.


currently and correctly incorrect: jball's can't fool the youth part

Can't Fool The Youth 3: Johnathan Ball from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.
i've been very vocal about how much i fucking love jball's riding, and this is a testament to that. the bombtrack rider has been a part of FGFS for a very long time and his riding is the epitome of clean and precise. he's also proof that you dont need shit like 26" wheels or a drastically high bottom bracket to kill shit. i mean fuck, not a lot of people could quickly stick a wall plant, let alone bar out of it, but jball did that shit on a setup the FGFS community might call "ancient".

that hop wheelie, 180 drop to fakie wheelie to fakie bar was mind boggling. so much gat damn control, he might hurt somebody. damn...


Thursday, July 31, 2014

people are strange: jackson bradshaw's FOAD gang signs extras

Jackson Bradshaw - Gang Signs Extras from FOAD on Vimeo.
jackson is one unique dude. we've had conversations about riding when the FOAD fam were down here for ride n style and i found that his approach to FGFS is heavily obstacle based. that whole style brings nutty ass tricks to the table and pushes the envelope far beyond just attempting bmx tricks and trying to go huge. good shit.


#bhskisadamablognow: chari & co x krom kendama

(via chari)
there's a really strange phenomena within the FGFS community where random dudes are getting into dama. some of the foad dudes fuck with dama, kbirdie of machete bikes fame is very into dama, even antonyo wothe has been picking up the dama. so  the dudes over at chari & co teamed up with krom kendama for their own signature setup. why am i posting this? because i own 6 kendama joints, and have no remorse over that shit. get one.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#bigboywheelclique: andy sparks' "dreams"

Andy Sparks | Dreams from Andy Sparks McMullen on Vimeo.
the fam andy sparks is one of the most down to earth dudes i've every met, and he holds down the east bay as well as the proper wheel size. this being said, he's got one of the cleanest styles in the game that hearkens back to early FGFS while integrating modern tricks. i really think that a ton of riders have lost sensible bike control in the pursuit of bigger tricks, which makes andy's riding that much more incredible. you almost forget that he's running a bike that's huge by today's FGFS apparent standard of 26". let's also not forget that it's a bike that holds the geometry of the FGFS mid-school era witht he straight top tube and short wheelbase. folks, this is the standard you should be aiming for.



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

under a minute: sevilling on the fixie with ricardo lino

sevilling on the fixie from Academia dos Patins on Vimeo.
lino the grind combo king took some time of his skates to throw around his destroy braniac at a park. though it's a messaround kind of sesh, the dude gets in some good stuff including a wild gap double peg down a ledge. insane stuff.


my fam does rad shit: ratpack x destroy x foad at stanford

RATPACK | Savages at Stanford from Lucas Bockelmann on Vimeo.
i got to see a bunch of this stuff before it saw the light of day, and i'll tell you that theres some really nutty stuff that went down (even shit that's not featured here). first off, it's really nice to see that overgrown baby man daniel torres back on a bike. i dont even know why the fuck that dude stopped riding. this whole group of dudes are basically brewed and bottled wierd served in a six pack and everyone's riding style is silly as fuck. lucas hit the vib right on the nose and i'm glad the guy got a chance to come down and document it.


it's gotta be the pants: levis commuter "the ride" trailer

i get a whole lot of flack from my co workers about my love for levi's commuters. although i dont necessarily "commute" in them, they're a damn good fitting pant (which explains why i own 4 pairs of them), and they feel good even on an fgfs bike. the denim giant is doing a campaign featuring folks ho represent certain commuter cultures. one of those cultures i'm very familiar with involves oakland's own baybe the scraper bike champ. that dude is such a nice guy, and he's really doing a lot for the bike community out there even if you don't agree with the kind of ride he's got. i really can't wait to see his feature.


sir lucious: wheeltalk cant fool the youth commercial

Wheel Talk - CFTY3 Commercial from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.
so yeah i'm gonna start from a while back and you may have already seen a bunch of this shit, but whatever- when i say i really have been away from the blog shit, i really haven't touched any of it. now if you haven't seen cant fool the youth 3, this is is your slap in the face to go out and check it. this is a full minute of solid shit, and CFTY is much longer than that. this is FGFS at it's finest yo, and wheeltalk is chock full of the best and brightest dudes in the game