Saturday, February 21, 2015

keeping it in the bay: dominic colombini 2014

Dominic Colombini 2014 from Dominic on Vimeo.
any friend of destroy is a friend of mine. dominic is a ripper from the pininsula of the bay area and a good homie of the destroy fam. and he rides like a fucking maniac. yeah, i know this isnt FGFS, but i can appreciate me some big drops and floaty airs. sit back and have your mind blown.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

the east side: ed wonka on capone bikes

capone bikes has been making some headlines lately with riders like dew and ed hitting the streets on their machines. this one just popped up with ed debuting their new fgfs frame. i dont know much about it, but you and i know a ton about sir wonka. the guy is bonkers and if you don't know that, then you'll know by the end of this quick edit.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

the end of an era: iminusd is closing it's retail store

the other day i heard some somber news that cut me pretty hard. our familia at iminusd will be closing down their retail location by the end of the month. these guys have been supporting me since the beginning and have contributed to the fixed gear community around the world since it's founding in 2009. they put me on wheels, put some shirts on my back, let me judge contests, gave me beer and food, allowed me to blog on their website, and have allowed me to make connections with bike people near and far. i would like to take a minute to thank jeffy d, trang, jp, and all the other folks that let me loiter around the shop in my off days when i was in town. most off all i would like to thank mr. mark cosio for bringing the epicenter of fixed gear and fgfs to san jose. if it weren't for his efforts, i dont think fixed gear would be get this far.

if i didn't have their support, BHSK would have ceased to exist. that's how much this shop means to me. i was a punk ass kid trolling san jose fixed's forums with a cruddy website and a shitty bike. they were the first company to respond to my emails when i needed some stuff for my contests i threw up north. since then i was the basically the first to show up to their events and first to celebrate their achievements. it kind of sucks seeing such a big part of my own life shut it's doors. BHSK is definitely indebted to iminusd.

though i dont know what the future holds for imd just yet, it's really sad to see your hometown shop lock it's doors for the last time (hopefully indefinitely), especially when it's had such a big impact on your life and others worldwide. there will never be another shop like imd, and never will.

ride forever fam.


chun li: ritte 8055 track

(via sandertshop)
there used to be a time where you would have to buy a track monster for fixed gear street races, but they were mad aggressive since they were only designed to go straight and turn on banked curves. now some bike manufacturers are developing bikes specifically for events like the red hook fixed gear crit. take the ritte 8055 for example. if you dont know about ritte cycles, they're wild folks. this setup was designed with events like red hook in mind- ample pedal clearance, a more road-like geo, and 7005 butted alluminum with hand sanded tig welds. the result is a sexy ass street fighter that can take on any thing you give it. get the full spec here.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

mosdest mouse trap lord: the good times are killing me

The Good Times Are Killing Me from 3b's Krew on Vimeo.
i'm on the late bus right about now on this one. jake is BHSK fam, a FOAD collaborator, and a fucking mad man. this dude is fast, and he's got steez for days. it doesnt matter if it's raining, snowing, there's ice on the road- he's out there ripping and tearing that cinelli vigorelli to bits. considering the absolute speed he carries and shitty weather he rides in, i have no clue how the kid is in one piece. keep them coming bro!


meanwhile, in the past: FOAD 2011 lost edit

2011 Lost Edit from FOAD on Vimeo.
there was a time where the FOAD fam had not existed. yes folks, it may be hard to swallow but it's true. this one was unearthed a couple of days ago and it may not seem like much as compared to today's standards, but damn.... the "not giving a fuckery" FOAD is known for is still transparent. i havent seen one of those original grime joints in a minute and sam's fucking bars are so fucking tall. back then i would've said shit but today with the standard being around 5 inches.... dude was ahead of his fucking time. good shit my dudes.


sitting on swag: levis x brooks cambium c17

the 17 year old in me would be all over these. a while ago, brooks created the cambium c17- a seat that defied all the leathery traditions we've come to know from brooks. by using vulcanized rubber with a canvas top, this one also came out vegan (which is pretty fuckin' hipster-y). now to add to that hipsterness, we're presented with the collabo with levis and it's commuter division. i'm a huge fan of the commuter series as i have 6 or so pants form it. here's the problem though... i kinda want one. but there's a fat chance of me getting one since the production numbers only go up to 1000. well, fuck....


cryptic code: anthem bikes' website is live

(via anthem)
one of the newer additions to fixed freestyle is anthem, which produces fgfs hardgoods (frames and bars) in the good ol' u.s. of a. mainly focused on the 26" platform, these dudes have produced a really tight frame (the comply) with rider miguel zendejas putting it through the paces. one unique thing that i've found is their ritual frame- a setup aimed for the taller dudes who may look a little silly on these new small triangled FGFS whips. anyway, go check them out over here.


the grand entrance: colossi US distribution & low pro encore 2015

you may have seen photos of colossi floating around the interwebs before and you used to have to jump though hoops to get one. if you're not so familiar, colossi is a company that specializes in small batch and fully custom framesets based in shenzen, china with builder jan kole at the helm. recently, they acquired distribution in the US a la brooklyn, new york. that being said, a slew of new stuff has popped up including the low pro encore which looks like a hoot to ride. you can check them out on facebook and their website here!


Friday, January 30, 2015

40 ounces of smooth: arizona iced out trip 2015

ARIZONA ICED OUT TRIP 2015 from JBall on Vimeo.
this one popped up as soon as i was leaving the HQ so i didn't have any time to really look at it until now. it's got a ton of folks on it: congo, mike penrose, corey, matt spencer, steven jensen and jball. it's quite long, but it's got some slick bangers. everyone's got their own style, it's easy to pick out who is who- jensen is super tech, congo's got that heavy throwdown, matt spencer never bars is super flowy, michael penrose threads shit so nicely and jball is fucking jball. not only that, we have some 29er action going on with jball and corey.... and you know how much i love the wrong sized wheel. yes, it's 15 minutes long, but it's packed full of good shit.

shouts to SMC and WOLFDRAWN for making a killer joint.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

the starting point of reasoning: the heavy pedal axiom

(via THP)
okay so i've been writing a bunch about to the folks over there at the heavy pedal, but that's because they're pumping stuff out like crazy. their next endeavor is the axiom which picks up where the zephyr left off. we all know how batshit crazy the zephyr was as it emulated a certain old school track frame that will not be named. but like that old school track frame, it ran a one inch headset. that's old school. here we have the axiom with a tight geo, higher bottom bracket, seat tube cut out, and (by golly) an 1 1/8th head tube. it's a little muted than it's brother in terms of color, but it's definitely going to be a heavy hitter when it comes to the fixed gear circuit. see more over here.


omgfrancisisbackonabike: day at downtown

DAY AT DOWNTOWN from Francis Roque on Vimeo.
i havent seen francis roque on a bike in a long ass time. but in this double feature with drabzong her, there he is... on a bike. both these dudes are mad talented, and come from the mighty mighty 209. i havent seen much activity from the area in a while, so it's refreshing to see that place pop up every once in a while. we all know francis is a bad dude, but i've never heard of mr. her until now. dude slays as well too with that like at :45.


many clouds of smoke: fyxation humboldt

(via fyxation)
fyxation and BHSK go way back. back when i used to throw fixed gear comps in college, they supported my stuff for a long time. i still run their bars on my FGFS bike. lately they've been creeping into the handmade goods, and i couldnt be more proud of that. with a ton of stuff coming from overseas nowadays, we need more stuff made stateside. the newest piece they're making is the humboldt- a rolltop bag handmade in brew city. named after a street in mikwaukee (sorry california peoples, it's not named after a certain county know for growing certain green plants) this thing is pretty damn good lookin', and pretty weatherproof. you should always support US manufacturing, and fyxation's doing a good job of keeping stuff in house. get to it y'all.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

carbon fiber the world: heavy pedal tempo wheelset

(via THP)
i got a blurb from victor from the heavy pedal letting me know about their newest joints: the tempo wheelset. constructed of carbon and utilizing lightweight gran compe hubs these things are silly light, and provide ample aerodynamics with it's u shaped body. yeah they cost a little much, but come on- they're carbon high performance wheels. check em out in detail over at the heavy pedal.


all i feel is pain: godandfamous united in pain

(via gnf)
yup i'm still playing catch up. our familia at godandfamous has this weird thing for pain. deep down in all of us, we're suckers for pain. continuing with this theme and is the united in pain gruppo which involves a patch (you know how much i love my fucking patches) and a bottle. these things go fast and when they're gone, they're gone. join the pain fest and get you some now.