Wednesday, June 20, 2018

GAT DAMN LIE: duke my mashsf

this is duke. duke is fast. duke came to mission crit (which im still kinda bummed i missed) and linked up with mash sf to do a short edit while he was in the city. knowing where these locations are, they really got around. and fast. real fast.


Deacon finna battle me in initial d: 2am fixie tricks with jball and deacon wong

first off congratulations on graduating jball. secondly, he's unfortunately no longer a part of the #bigboywheelclique as he is now rolling on a ruff bike co 26" whip. but i do commend him for keeping the flame of creative FGFS alive, and SMC has become a powerhouse bigger than my dumbass blog (shit, i pay attention to him more than i do myself). he teamed up with deacon wong (who challenged me to an inital d arcade stage 3 race on instagram) for this little tarck throwback. reminds me of this shit:

Bromance from Laali on Vimeo.

i'm so fucking happy that tarck is having a revival right now because my dumb ass can't do a whole lot of modern FGFS crap.


i did it for my fixie goonz: the goon, blocboifame x throne cycles

I'm only doing this because bloc is my boy, so i'm going to hold my tongue when it comes to throne cycles (there's only two frames i would really see myself riding from them and this is one of them because my goonz came up). for those who are unfamiliar, blocboifame holds it down in LA. When disrespectful came out in 2013, he made a damn fixiefoo anthem. I remember talking to him a few years back and he was one of the most genuine dudes out there. He rode my bike at interbike (shit, that was hella long ago) and immediately wanted to hop on the big wheel fgfs wave. now here he is 5 years later with his own signature bike.

meet the new boss: Pedalconsumption x tyrant

(via PC)
im going to be completely honest here; my face has been consumed with so much mountain bike stuff lately that i havent been paying attention to all these new track bike companies that have been popping up. there are some bikes that are utter shit, but there are a few that have come across my eyes and have really impressed me (and let's be real, it's really fucking hard to impress me). tyrant is one of those companies that have impressed me. now they dont have a website just yet but it popped on my radar when they showed a silhouette of it on their instagram. from the untrained eye one can probably assume that this geometry shares the same angles and as a previous PC collab. nah dude, this shit looks tighter. it's got double butted alu tubing, a wickedly underraked fork (fucking love that), and a seat tube cutout to make that wheelbase hella tight. buttery. you can get all the details at patrick's spot.  look for it as an exclusive through PC.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

well this is a shit show: no forreals this time BHSK is back.

okay so i turned 28 last month which means the BHSK name has existed for 10 years (the first few years were pretty weird, but that shit existed). my dumb ass has been attached to BHSK for 10 fucking years. i still get called BHSK. this got me thinking about how BHSK just faded into fixed gear obscurity (which to be honest is not punk rock at all) and how much i have been intending to revive this "brand" of seriously not being serious about bikes. for whatever reason, you knuckleheads have been waiting for (oh fuck my bad) years for this to happen. so its going to happen.

(here's an old dude trying to ride FGFS)

now let's be clear, the scenery has changed since then. my life has changed since then: i finished school, i got a job, i got into rock climbing, i got a real job, i bought a mountain bike that i never use, my car died, i quit my real job, i got a really real job for real this time, i bought a road bike that is probably worth more than my car that died, and other stuff. all that time i've had BHSK and i'm only one dude. i have been doing this as a one dude operation since day one really, and that really slowed me down and wore me down for years. now i'm not saying i've totally grown up because my dumb ass has gone through professional changes and lifestyle changes yet this damn BHSK shit has been sitting on the back of my mind forever. so for this era, your boy's going to need some help.

you will be hearing soon from some homies of mine that have agreed to help me out and keep the content flow going. these homies have been with me for a minute, and have been in the game for a long time. they have had their own thing going on and i want to give them an outlet for their content and debauchery. they also come from the same mental state and approach to bikes i do, and i'm confident you guys will like these fuckers as they'll pretty much remind you of the good old solo jmik.

needless to say i'm excited as fuck.


Friday, April 28, 2017

THE MOST HAPPY: blisstape 3

BLISSTAPE3 from Corey San Agustin on Vimeo.
you know what makes me most happy about this? 700c/29er is still around and thriving even though FGFS has gone though a short lull. first of all, i've had a couple of beers so this may come out really strange, so forgive me if this comes out really shitty. i love this shit. it's ben a long time since the last blisstape has come out and it's everything i like and more. a stall on a tree to barspin? geeeeeen-eeeee-yus.i have said it before and i will say it again, i love weird ass shit that involves obstacle based tricks over technical (almost BMX lookin') ass tricks. gat damn son.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

#FIXIEREUNION2017: prickly syringe jam 2017

Prickly Syringe Jam AKA #fixiereunion2017 from BHSK_cogblog on Vimeo.
i had the weekend off and i had every intention to go down to monterey for the sea otter classic at laguna seca. but this came up and i made the executive decision (pretty much the night before) to ditch burning up and being caked in dirt in monterey, in order to head to 3rd and army in san francisco where it was overcast and ocean salty. i made the right decision. there were so meany heads out there that i havent seen in years and there was so much shit going on. now this is basically only the tip of the iceberg- i have a shit ton of photos i have to sift through tonight. anyway, shout out to mike and matt for making this happen and dudes like ramon and jball for putting up some prizes.

i'm fucking stoked how this came out by the way. holy hell....


Saturday, April 8, 2017

the underground: GNARPARK

i dont have any backstory on this, so hopefully someone can bring to light what this is. in the UK theres this dude named harvey who is setting up races in a car parking lot. this is rad because it really reminds me of how i got started with my competitions and races up north. this is only a little excerpt though- to get the full experience, head over to redbull.


this is: fyxation sparta all road carbon fork

(via fyxation)
we're at the point where carbon fiber can handle a lot of abuse and fork market has been slowly creeping into other markets. take this fyxation sparta for example; it's basically the swiss army knife of forks. it's got a 12mm thru axle, clearance for a 700x42 OR a 27.5x2, and for the adventure and bikepacking crowd, there's bottle/bag mounts. you can check it out here!


Thursday, April 6, 2017

what the fuck happened to FGFS part II: the shift and split

when i last left you on this series of essays,  i dove into the origins of FGFS. it was quick, and basically spanned from the days of breaking carbon forks doing keo spins, into breaking everything doing 360 flyouts. now here comes the stuff that will make you either love what i'm saying or hate what i'm saying. get it after the jump.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

FUK JPN: taishi okuma by DEVOUR FILMS

DEVOURFILMS "Taishi Okuma" from DEVOURFILMS on Vimeo.
behind the lens of this one is the homie seitaro iki. in front of the lens is taishi okuma. around the lens is fukuoka japan. okuma-san's riding is part of that japanese style which is moderately fast and well executed. you can see that no rotation is wasted and momentum is carried on throughout each line. look out for ALL THE LINES after 3:40, those ones had my eyes WIDE. good stuff!


ded: we're just a dead boy with IZ9IBIKE team

i know i just posted the start of a series of essays that basically blatantly calls for the death of FGFS, but in china it's alive and well. it also has a dude on pretty much a mid-school FGFS whip throwing down some wheelie and keo lines. really clean stuff.


strange patterns: radavist spring sage preorder

(via the radavist)
ah, john is doing john things. this is one of the coolest looking piece of kit i've seen in a while. they're made by endo customs from LA and feature a pattern by kyler martz. it's got a camo vibe to it and if you know me, you know how much i loves that camo. see more and keep posted at the radavist for more updates on the release.


well, shit: Prickly Syringe Jam in SF April 22

(via SMC)
too much good shit is happening in the my neck of the woods on this weekend. monster jam is going to be going on at levis, i'll be down at laguna seca for sea otter (likely hurting myself on a mountain bike i don't own), and the guys who put on the prickly jam in arizona (at least i think it was arizona) a while back are putting on an FGFS event at 3rd and army in SF.

fuck i wish i could be there.


HOT DAMN: Chas Christansen for MASH

holy shit. i'm at a loss for words here. this fool came straight out the airport, rides in the rain, rides in the dirt, rides in the mud and gives zero fucks throughout. chas is a train. scratch that, chas knows how to bob and weave through traffic like a boxer dodging the blows of an opponent. just watch the fucking video and learn a thing or two.