Monday, July 16, 2018

that part: Master bike co "64" microdrive hub preorder

(via MASTER)
Master bike co is making some moves in the FGFS market (which has unfortunately died down a fuck ton), and creating new product to save us all. They have developed a fixed microdrive hub which solves a lot of problems old hubs had. the hollow 14mm chromo axles are replaceable via allen key, and they come with 9t or 10t cog THAT CAN BE REPLACED WITH A CASSETTE DRIVER later on (separately of course). that's some cool ass shit to go from dirt jumper to FGFS with the swap of a driver.  the preorder is live now and if you place an order, you get a free nylon hubguard. get you some.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

wheelie wars: FOAD goes to SE's oakland rideout

Jackson from the FOAD fam rode out to oakland to join some of the oldschool eb86 crew to hit up the SE bike rideout. Wheelie culture is huge right now, and SE bikes has been bringing it since day one. so many heads out there, including D-Blocks, BEASTMODE, and the wildman/SE head honcho todd lyons. glad to see there was a good FGFS and tarck turnout as well! digging the vlogs jackson!


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

B is for BHSK: 3b's 2018 team teaser

the 3B's team has been hard at work for the past few months putting in some work. they're about to drop 5 full length videos featuring Dylan Row, Kevin Hall, Pteror (AKA Parker Thompson), and the newest part of the BHSK familia Jake Matsukawa and (THE FIXEDGEARGOD) Sam Allgood. Yes, you read it correctly- I gave the keys to BHSK to two of the raddest and insane dudes out there. I've seen a good amount of the parts, and am hyped to bring them to y'all. but for now, this is all you get. look for the full parts soon, and follow my boys on instagram!


Friday, July 6, 2018

but can it nollie tre flip: koston's all city gorilla monsoon

(via prolly is not probably the radavist)
let's start by saying ^^ that's funny as hell to me. i luh you john (homeboy probably doesnt give a shit and will never read this). i know this isn't the regular bread and butter of this blog but i recognize cool shit when i see it. eric koston is fucking legendary and apparently pushes a santa cruz stigmata (FUCKIN YEAH!) when he's not pushing wood. it looks like he's been getting into the good stuff because this is the shit. hybrids/city bikes are supposed to be boring and un-cool, but sometimes cool ass shit made like this all-city gorilla monsoon steed from GSC. i already love the gorilla monsoon as it fits in that "monstercross" category (that kinda faded away for some reason), and it looks like koston opted to make it the perfect bar bike. i wouldn't leave it out though as it has a metric ton of paul, chris king and white industries stuff on it. hell, it even has the spitfire classic mashsf top cap. top that with sram eagle (UGH I LOVE SRAM EAGLE) and you got a baaaaad machine. you can check it out over at john's spot!


the right tool: Rhevo fury bull team edition frame

(via RHEVO)
as much as it's been getting saturated, track bike fixed gear crits are here to stay. there's been a huge saturation of frames lately and it's kind of overwhelming. for a while i thought it was kinda dumb- building road racing frames with fixed drivetrains makes the argument for regular ass road bikes. coming from an era where track bikes were tight and inherently "more" dangerous, these frames used to not appeal to me. i dont know what happened from then, but i'm turning a leaf and understanding you might need the right tool for the job. rhevo is from italy, and this frame is purpose built for crits like red hook. in fact it was the steed for the guy who came in 7th. it's pretty fuckin rad. check it out.


Thursday, July 5, 2018

the footjam jam: matt bastard almost dead ep.1

damn, 2 posts featuring bay homies in one night? damn son. like andy, matt has been around for a while and y'all fuckin slept. i'm a sucker for riding styles that are more dictated by obsticles, and matt's style is definitely that. THAT ENTIRE SEQUENCE FROM 1:20 ON IS FUEGO.

damn FGFS aint dead.


BRAP BRAP: wolfbotts for DAFNE FIXED

sometimes i find random ass clips. this is one of them. the subject is luca botte aka wolfbotts. he's nuts. some of this shit is questionable and hella sketchy. no music. just tire shredding. watch it.


eb86: andy sparks for encore wheels

andy is my boy from up 880 who has been repping the same OG flatground riding style since i've known him. the boy is smooth and pretty much revolutionized the bigspin and fakie wheelie. it seems like he's teamed up with encore wheels (which, to be hones i have no idea who they are), and knowing how andy rides, they take some abuse. keeping shit smooth isn't forgiving on parts.

by the way if you want to ride like my boy, follow his youtube channel. he posts tutorials from time to time.


loco logo: godandfamous idiocracy 2

(via G&F)
i wear my paincave socks more than one should ever wear them. godandfamous been whipping up good shit since forever, and this is no exception. it's the sequel to the idiocracy jersey, upping the ante with BIGGER FUCKING LOGOS. the fox news logos on the side is bound to piss people off- i love that shit. in the area where i'm at, i can rock this and people wouldn't know any better since half of these companies are from here or have affiliates here. SWOOP IT NOW.


clipped: Roysb night wheelie

as simple as this is and as short as this is, i really dig this minute clip. as a guy who likes the video format, i noticed i didnt hear a damn skateboard or footstep in this one. chris, the guy filming, must've had some ninja ass moves, and that gimbal must've been putting in some damn work. you can follow roysb here, and chris yang here.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

GAT DAMN LIE: duke my mashsf

this is duke. duke is fast. duke came to mission crit (which im still kinda bummed i missed) and linked up with mash sf to do a short edit while he was in the city. knowing where these locations are, they really got around. and fast. real fast.


Deacon finna battle me in initial d: 2am fixie tricks with jball and deacon wong

first off congratulations on graduating jball. secondly, he's unfortunately no longer a part of the #bigboywheelclique as he is now rolling on a ruff bike co 26" whip. but i do commend him for keeping the flame of creative FGFS alive, and SMC has become a powerhouse bigger than my dumbass blog (shit, i pay attention to him more than i do myself). he teamed up with deacon wong (who challenged me to an inital d arcade stage 3 race on instagram) for this little tarck throwback. reminds me of this shit:

Bromance from Laali on Vimeo.

i'm so fucking happy that tarck is having a revival right now because my dumb ass can't do a whole lot of modern FGFS crap.


i did it for my fixie goonz: the goon, blocboifame x throne cycles

I'm only doing this because bloc is my boy, so i'm going to hold my tongue when it comes to throne cycles (there's only two frames i would really see myself riding from them and this is one of them because my goonz came up). for those who are unfamiliar, blocboifame holds it down in LA. When disrespectful came out in 2013, he made a damn fixiefoo anthem. I remember talking to him a few years back and he was one of the most genuine dudes out there. He rode my bike at interbike (shit, that was hella long ago) and immediately wanted to hop on the big wheel fgfs wave. now here he is 5 years later with his own signature bike.

meet the new boss: Pedalconsumption x tyrant

(via PC)
im going to be completely honest here; my face has been consumed with so much mountain bike stuff lately that i havent been paying attention to all these new track bike companies that have been popping up. there are some bikes that are utter shit, but there are a few that have come across my eyes and have really impressed me (and let's be real, it's really fucking hard to impress me). tyrant is one of those companies that have impressed me. now they dont have a website just yet but it popped on my radar when they showed a silhouette of it on their instagram. from the untrained eye one can probably assume that this geometry shares the same angles and as a previous PC collab. nah dude, this shit looks tighter. it's got double butted alu tubing, a wickedly underraked fork (fucking love that), and a seat tube cutout to make that wheelbase hella tight. buttery. you can get all the details at patrick's spot.  look for it as an exclusive through PC.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

well this is a shit show: no forreals this time BHSK is back.

okay so i turned 28 last month which means the BHSK name has existed for 10 years (the first few years were pretty weird, but that shit existed). my dumb ass has been attached to BHSK for 10 fucking years. i still get called BHSK. this got me thinking about how BHSK just faded into fixed gear obscurity (which to be honest is not punk rock at all) and how much i have been intending to revive this "brand" of seriously not being serious about bikes. for whatever reason, you knuckleheads have been waiting for (oh fuck my bad) years for this to happen. so its going to happen.

(here's an old dude trying to ride FGFS)

now let's be clear, the scenery has changed since then. my life has changed since then: i finished school, i got a job, i got into rock climbing, i got a real job, i bought a mountain bike that i never use, my car died, i quit my real job, i got a really real job for real this time, i bought a road bike that is probably worth more than my car that died, and other stuff. all that time i've had BHSK and i'm only one dude. i have been doing this as a one dude operation since day one really, and that really slowed me down and wore me down for years. now i'm not saying i've totally grown up because my dumb ass has gone through professional changes and lifestyle changes yet this damn BHSK shit has been sitting on the back of my mind forever. so for this era, your boy's going to need some help.

you will be hearing soon from some homies of mine that have agreed to help me out and keep the content flow going. these homies have been with me for a minute, and have been in the game for a long time. they have had their own thing going on and i want to give them an outlet for their content and debauchery. they also come from the same mental state and approach to bikes i do, and i'm confident you guys will like these fuckers as they'll pretty much remind you of the good old solo jmik.

needless to say i'm excited as fuck.