Sunday, March 26, 2017

because the internet made me search: Supernova bikes

(via supernova)
so i was looking over the results of berlin's rad race on the interwebs (because the event really looked interesting) when a particular bike caught my eye. it was almost a gulf livery orange and blue, and had logos i had never seen before; i'm a curious fellow, and i know that there's not much in the track bike world that i haven't seen so naturally i had to look them up. these guys are supernova, they make frames out in italy. the two machines they have are the atom (up on top) and the pro 2.0 (bottom) which the latter seemed like the weapon of choice. first of all, GAT DAMN THESE THINGS ARE PRETTY. the atom would be their carbon setup and the supernova pro 2.0 is made of columbus tubing (because italian, duh) and both seem like wonderfully streetable frames. i really hope to see more from these folks, because these frames look fantastic. check them out.


collaboration kings: State bicycle x The Simpsons

(via State)
here's a confession: when state bikes started, i didn't like them. this was the time where a million different "fixie" companies jumped into the ring trying to ride the wave, so me being the idiot i am, generalized a distaste towards all of them. state won me over, however. why? they started making cool shit like mountain bikes and cyclocross machines- they didn't limit themselves to a small corner of cycling and for that, i send serious props. part of the cool shit they do is collab with unlikely partners- this time it's The Simpsons. this collection is MASSIVE. we're talking about jerseys, shirts, bar tape, bottles, bikes, framesets, foot retention- you name it, they probably made it for this collection. seriously, check it out for yourself.


playing the catch up game: the video dump

hey y'all. i've been busy. but i'm here now and that's all that matters. i have a bunch of things in the works, one of which involves hitting up sea otter later next month! i'm hyped to put the most ridiculous knobbies i can find on the 29er, and bring some new stuff to BHSK. there's also the opening of a new bike park in my town next month, so once i pin down the day, you'll definitely get something on that. do i have an excuse for being absent? yeah it's been fucking raining and i cant ride my fantastically new road bike (and you'll hear about this road bike one day). in the mean time i'm here playing catch up.

FWDSET: Movement from FWDSET on Vimeo.

kirk's stuff pops up on my facebook all the time and this video basically kicked my ass into logging in to post stuff to BHSK. if you dont know kirk, he's the brain behind FWDSET. the guy has been mobbing the streets of los angeles for a while now, and he fucking knows his way around a bicycle. you can get the inspiration notes over here at FWDSET.


i have been to or through san francisco probably 5 or 6 times this month. every time i roll through the city i see these iconic streets what pretty much got me into wanting to hit up hills on bikes that aren't made for hills. so when i see these fixie kids roll through my shop thinking they're bad with their purefixes and aventons, i get kind of preachy and start talking about MASH (because apparently be becoming an old man that drones off with the "back in my day..." spiel). then they proceed to be puzzled at my references, ask to use the pump and roll away. some of them come back, however raving and ranting about MASH,  and immediately agree with me saying their bikes are shit. but i'm digressing- chas got together with vito and stephano of SCVDO and gave the guys a tour of the city. if you're getting a tour from chas, you better have some fucking legs. or esspresso.

BOMBTRACK AT RAD RACE'S "LAST MAN STANDING 2017", BERLIN from Bombtrack Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

OKAY, WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THE IDEA TO TRACK BIKES ON A GO KART TRACK AS A BOOTLEG MINI CRITERIUM IS A FUCKING GENIUS AND DESERVES AN AWARD. this looks fun as hell and madly dangerous. this reminds me, i should email bombtrack and see how they're doing. if theyre making events like this happen, id assume theyre doing pretty well.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

skrt skrt: ruff ryders by wolfdrawn

i"m a bit out of the loop when it comes to fixed gear freestyle, so nothing brings a smile to my face as much as seeing these guys still at it. in here we got FOAD's jackson bradshaw (who is mad creative), elliot millner (who is ridiculously smooth), J. Ruff (who is arguably one of the most innovative dudes in the game, and matt spencer (who is fucking matt spencer). it's a pretty good group of weirdos if you ask me. they all have that type of style which is terrain driven, which is the most entertaining shit to watch. give it a watch. buy stuff from ruff bike co.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

function and fashion, but mostly function: vans x brooks england

(via brooks)
if you're very close to me then you might know that i'm kind of a self proclaimed sneaker anthropologist. so when this fell on my lap, i lightweight freaked out. brooks has been making amazing fucking saddles for 150 years. vans has been amazing sneakers for 50 years. they came tother with artist (and common vans collaborator) taka hayashi to create a collection celebrating both companies' anniversary. check out the interview here.


street fighter: cinelli tipo pista

(via citygrounds)
over the time i've been gone, ive seen a ridiculous amount of aluminum frame track bikes over saturate the market. i may sound like our future president, but there's too much crap out there that looks like good stuff but is really not worth the metal it's made from. this is a rant (ooh i see your knees shaking on the idea of jmik going on a loooooong rant about stuff) that i'll get to later on. there are little sure shots out there and you can't go wrong with a cinelli. the tipo pista is a great alternative to the cheap crap out there. with the emergence of criterium track bike racing and folks taking track bikes to the street, the angles of the tipo pista caters to that whole movement with a less extreme and more foregiving track geometry. with a starting price of $1035, it's not the most affordable aluminum street fighter out there, but it's definitely fitting in that middle ground right before full blown track build (especially considering the cinelli x mash runs in the $900's or so). you can get yours out at citygrounds now.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

brap brap brap: racing y raicilla with kyle warner

remember when i reintroduced myself and said there will be some different things that pop of from time to time? this is one of those times. this really is not out of left field, however- kyle and i go back. we actually worked at the same bike shop in chico. his life has gone on an intense journey through the north american enduro tour. he's been with marin bikes for a while and this past year he hung up his attack trail for a hawk hill. for those who don't speak mountain bike, some would consider it a downgrade of sorts, pinning a 120mm platform against the competition that runs 150mm.

and he won that shit. for a third time. it comes to show that it doesn't matter what frame you're on, you can slay it as long as you're a badass. mr. warner is a badass.


there's other things to life: NAHBS SLC 2017

North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) from NAHBS on Vimeo.

i dropped the ball. the north american handmade bike show was in my backyard (okay... an hour and a half away from me or so but close enough), and i missed it. i went with the destroy fam a few years ago and had a blast, we all crammed in a small motel room and got to see some rad bikes from builders we could actually talk to. now that i'm doing alright now, i want to go out there again. unfortunately it's not gonna be in sacto for a while, but it is going to be in salt lake city, utah. roadtrip anyone? check it.


Friday, December 16, 2016

home base: a time for reflection SF & NYC by chrome

Chrome Industries - A Time For Reflection SF from Chrome Industries on Vimeo.

Chrome Industries - A Time For Reflection NYC from Chrome Industries on Vimeo.

this is a rad series that's been popping up on the interwebs lately. chrome is a staple in our community and they're highlighting both sides of the country. each spot has their own style and tastes, but the common denominator is the stuff we're riding and the stuff we're hauling. first we got the fam in san francisco- there's way too many people in that to mention. then on the other end of the spectrum we have a core crew in new york; both are big cities, both are wildly entertaining to ride, both have bridges (and both have the home matt reyes, because slum is a hard working motherfucker and defies time and space). the year is ending, and next year might be rough so maybe we should all look back and reflect on the people with us and surroundings that we live in.

oh and watch out for those autonomous uber cars, eh?


life is too short: FOAD breaks a walmart bike

via FOAD
got some time to spare? the boys from SLC got their hands on the latest and greatest wally-mart can muster, then proceed to put it through the ringer. it's nuts to put into perspective what we all went through when it comes to this fixie stuff- this crap was really hard to come by and now it's being churned out for the masses as cheaply as possible.

life is too short to ride crap bikes.


allow me to reintroduce myself: BHSK is back.

hey y'all. it's been a while since i've had this thing active and to be honest- i really do not know where to start. some of y'all have some questions so i'll answer a few.

where the hell did you go?
life caught up to me. i did not intend to stop BHSK, but when i did, i ghosted out. juggling work and the blog and life wasn't working out at the time. plus the fixed gear scene in san jose disappeared when iMD closed down- that affected the blog and i a lot. i got a job that i actually use my degree in which stacked on top of my bike sales gig, i changed the way i live to something a little more healthy, and cut out the blog for a while. a long while.

so if you were gone for that long, why come back?
i'm a little more stable, but over the course of the time i was AFK, i noticed a big shift in fixed gear. i want to rant about it. i also miss riding bikes. i've been hanging around proper mountain bikers, roadies and cyclocross dudes for so long, it makes me want to ride a stupid bike. you know, the kind that you and i like.

has anything changed and will anything change for this blog?
fuck no! okay, maybe that's not true. my interests have changed a bit but the main focus will and always will be fixed gear. you might see a sprinkling of enduro or cross stuff or road bike stuff, but that's because that shit is rad. hey, you might like it.

get any new bikes?
first off, i still have my destroy 29er. that thing is my pride and joy. i've added to the fleet a destroy bmx (previously owned by the homie tod), a pake tarck build, a GT sensor full suspension build, and (as of this month) a ghost nivolet EBS ultegra. i still have a sunday model c to build and a REALLY WANT TO BUILD A MONSTERCROSS BIKE.

when will you start?
right fucking now. right now.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

hair: drop and roll with danny macaskill & friends

ever wonder what happens when you take arguably the best trials dude in the world and throw some denim and hair at him? well, here's your answer. joined by ali c, fabio wibmer, and duncan shaw, macaskill made drop and roll- a tour of trials dudes doing some good ol' fashioned stunting.

oh and rob halford makes an appearance for whatever reason. rad.


the year off: sMc & wheeltalk at sf bike expo

(via SMC & wheeltalk)
i have previously been a part of sf bike expo since it's second iteration, but this year i regrettably could not go due to scheduling conflicts. luckily, my fam jball and slumworm were there to keep an ear to the wall and got some pretty slick photos of the event. you should slip on by sMc and wheeltalk to see some of what went down.

also, nice to see jball still rockin' the #bigboywheelclique.


spin it out: safa bombs mexico

leader bikes rider brian wagner is nuts. while in mexico the guy decided to go on a little ride that maxed out around 50 mph on his renovatio. that's fucking fast as fuck with some mind boggling cadence going on some questionable road terrain as you could see from the video. kudos to him.


resurgeance of dominance: G.O.A.T. bike co returns

previously defunct a little after arrival, G.O.A.T bike co was set to be the setup everyone wanted. i'm destroy til death but this would look good in my stable; and with good reason. it's true temper steel, American built, triple triangle, high bottom bracket goodness with stiffness and street performance in mind. that's a breath of fresh air in the over saturated run-of-the-mill selection that's out there. a little birdie told me that these frames are dropping real soon so don't fucking sleep. keep tabs on their facebook.