Wednesday, June 20, 2018

i did it for my fixie goonz: the goon, blocboifame x throne cycles

I'm only doing this because bloc is my boy, so i'm going to hold my tongue when it comes to throne cycles (there's only two frames i would really see myself riding from them and this is one of them because my goonz came up). for those who are unfamiliar, blocboifame holds it down in LA. When disrespectful came out in 2013, he made a damn fixiefoo anthem. I remember talking to him a few years back and he was one of the most genuine dudes out there. He rode my bike at interbike (shit, that was hella long ago) and immediately wanted to hop on the big wheel fgfs wave. now here he is 5 years later with his own signature bike.

seeing the rise of wheelie culture with SE bikes, this fits perfectly into that style. now i personally wouldn't do the shit i do on my bike since this is comprised of 6061 aluminum, but i would wheelie the fuck out of this thing. i bet this this is a blast through traffic or on a pump track. i'm so proud of this dude seeing his influence infiltrate the culture. much love and respect to the fixie goonz.


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