Wednesday, June 20, 2018

meet the new boss: Pedalconsumption x tyrant

(via PC)
im going to be completely honest here; my face has been consumed with so much mountain bike stuff lately that i havent been paying attention to all these new track bike companies that have been popping up. there are some bikes that are utter shit, but there are a few that have come across my eyes and have really impressed me (and let's be real, it's really fucking hard to impress me). tyrant is one of those companies that have impressed me. now they dont have a website just yet but it popped on my radar when they showed a silhouette of it on their instagram. from the untrained eye one can probably assume that this geometry shares the same angles and as a previous PC collab. nah dude, this shit looks tighter. it's got double butted alu tubing, a wickedly underraked fork (fucking love that), and a seat tube cutout to make that wheelbase hella tight. buttery. you can get all the details at patrick's spot.  look for it as an exclusive through PC.


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