Sunday, June 10, 2018

well this is a shit show: no forreals this time BHSK is back.

okay so i turned 28 last month which means the BHSK name has existed for 10 years (the first few years were pretty weird, but that shit existed). my dumb ass has been attached to BHSK for 10 fucking years. i still get called BHSK. this got me thinking about how BHSK just faded into fixed gear obscurity (which to be honest is not punk rock at all) and how much i have been intending to revive this "brand" of seriously not being serious about bikes. for whatever reason, you knuckleheads have been waiting for (oh fuck my bad) years for this to happen. so its going to happen.

(here's an old dude trying to ride FGFS)

now let's be clear, the scenery has changed since then. my life has changed since then: i finished school, i got a job, i got into rock climbing, i got a real job, i bought a mountain bike that i never use, my car died, i quit my real job, i got a really real job for real this time, i bought a road bike that is probably worth more than my car that died, and other stuff. all that time i've had BHSK and i'm only one dude. i have been doing this as a one dude operation since day one really, and that really slowed me down and wore me down for years. now i'm not saying i've totally grown up because my dumb ass has gone through professional changes and lifestyle changes yet this damn BHSK shit has been sitting on the back of my mind forever. so for this era, your boy's going to need some help.

you will be hearing soon from some homies of mine that have agreed to help me out and keep the content flow going. these homies have been with me for a minute, and have been in the game for a long time. they have had their own thing going on and i want to give them an outlet for their content and debauchery. they also come from the same mental state and approach to bikes i do, and i'm confident you guys will like these fuckers as they'll pretty much remind you of the good old solo jmik.

needless to say i'm excited as fuck.


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