Friday, July 6, 2018

the right tool: Rhevo fury bull team edition frame

(via RHEVO)
as much as it's been getting saturated, track bike fixed gear crits are here to stay. there's been a huge saturation of frames lately and it's kind of overwhelming. for a while i thought it was kinda dumb- building road racing frames with fixed drivetrains makes the argument for regular ass road bikes. coming from an era where track bikes were tight and inherently "more" dangerous, these frames used to not appeal to me. i dont know what happened from then, but i'm turning a leaf and understanding you might need the right tool for the job. rhevo is from italy, and this frame is purpose built for crits like red hook. in fact it was the steed for the guy who came in 7th. it's pretty fuckin rad. check it out.


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