Friday, July 6, 2018

but can it nollie tre flip: koston's all city gorilla monsoon

(via prolly is not probably the radavist)
let's start by saying ^^ that's funny as hell to me. i luh you john (homeboy probably doesnt give a shit and will never read this). i know this isn't the regular bread and butter of this blog but i recognize cool shit when i see it. eric koston is fucking legendary and apparently pushes a santa cruz stigmata (FUCKIN YEAH!) when he's not pushing wood. it looks like he's been getting into the good stuff because this is the shit. hybrids/city bikes are supposed to be boring and un-cool, but sometimes cool ass shit made like this all-city gorilla monsoon steed from GSC. i already love the gorilla monsoon as it fits in that "monstercross" category (that kinda faded away for some reason), and it looks like koston opted to make it the perfect bar bike. i wouldn't leave it out though as it has a metric ton of paul, chris king and white industries stuff on it. hell, it even has the spitfire classic mashsf top cap. top that with sram eagle (UGH I LOVE SRAM EAGLE) and you got a baaaaad machine. you can check it out over at john's spot!


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