Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#2blogs1brand1dudetour: still buzzed

#2blogs1brand1dudetour: still buzzed from BHSK_cogblog on Vimeo.

this was supposed to come out a lot earlier but due to some technical difficulties i had to redo it. twice. i decided to take my go pro to interbike and have random clips of whatever i was around. but then chrome kept giving out beer so i ended up with a bunch of crappy stuff. ibike was fun- ate wings every day, drank beer every day, but now i have it all out of my system and this edit was a nightmare to get out.

shouts to lockedcog for forcing me to turn up.
shouts to slurpcult for driving and keeping me frosty.
shouts to alex gonzalez AKA the stroke master AKA spongebob swag AKA the queen of drag.
shouts to showyousuck for flip phone.
shouts to blocboifame for disrespectful.
shouts to chrome for keeping my buzz.


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