Friday, October 2, 2009

what ive been doing...

so i know i didnt post for while, and i apoligize. i hella neglected BHSK yesterday as well as for the past few days because ive been really busy with school as well as.....polishing my iMiNUSD.

so here it is, a tutorial on polishing a painted rim.
this is my iD42:
this is a regular IMD and not my socks.
this is what you need:
semipaste paint remover
sandpaper (that block was 100-200, also had 400, 600, and 1500.)
gloves (not pictured)
alot of terrycloth towels
razor scraper (not pictured)
eye protection (thats not mine, and i didnt use eye protection.)
and alot of time (that's what the spam, rice and tapatio is for)

so i followed the directions and applied the paint remover. this took a long time and was relatively uninteresting. after that i scraped all the paint off. that took a while, there was hella paint on the rim, but the machined sidewall was thin enough to peel right off.
then i sanded the sh*t of it.
this was after the early sanding process (100-200)
then i sanded 400, then wet sanded it 400. wet sanded it @ 600, and wet sanded it all the way to 1500 (shoulda went to 2000...)
i used maas metal polish. it soesnt smell bad like other polished and is pretty damn good. look at that glare....
after a couple passes.
a few more passes...
it looks amazing under bright light.

now i chose not to use power tools because i like the idea of my bike having character. so there are little blemishes of paint here and there, little scratches here and there, but that's because of my handiwork. i know, it sounds awfully silly and i'll never have that mirror polish (but if i choose to, it'll happen) but it was hella nice to see the rim tranform under my labor.

so now i'm just waiting for my hub. oh and check out the grips i got from ted- apparently he got them while dj'ing for BFF and they have 42 below (vodka) logos on it. it's hella comfy feeling and ted said theyre "HELLA DOPE!" thanks to ted shred for being awesome as always. oh and check out my homework i had to study. un awesome.


p.s. question: bladed spokes or regular spokes? comment up!

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Unknown said...

i did most of the scraping and helped with the sanding HAHAHAHAHAH good shhhhiitttttttt keep polishing