Friday, October 2, 2009

rock racing x louis garneau's project 4185

(via hipsternascar)
Just as BMX’s transformed cycling, fixies are going to be the next big alternative sport. They are making cycling fashionable with a whole new urban crowd and Rock Racing is excited to help fuel this growing trend. -Michael Ball

i like rock racing. i really do. but there's no need to make a "fixie".  no need to make a carbon framed, carbon wheeled, aero bike with straights. it just doesnt make sense. why make it that way? i wouldnt be irritated if it had proper drops or bullhorns, but straight bars? come on. be realistic! no one rides like that! no one would ride that setup realistically! whats it built for? is it a hill bomber? a fixed freestyle monster? i dont get it!




Unknown said...

try it sometime, i ride an rc-70 built up as fixed as a commuter and i love my mtn straits. dont diss because you dont understand, pretty sure shane knows a bit more about cycling than you do.

J.mika'ele said...

im not saying i dont like it- i'm in the process of trying out some risers myself (yeah i know, i talk alot of smack about them, but you can't really say sh*t if you don't try, you know?). i just dont understand the theory behind this bike. in your case, i would understand, it's a former mountain bike used as a commuter which therefore has an upright position. with this rock racing frame, it's a strictly track frame with straight bars. it has an upright position on a bike that should be as aerodynamic as possible is a paradox to me. in addition it's a carbon fiber setup which makes it even worse. it won't see drome time, nor will it see a proper hill. it's the perfect garage queen. that said, i stand by my word saying no one would ride it realistically. it serves little to no function as a commuter (carbon), nor does it serve function as a recreational bicycle (carbon again, as well as the bar setup). you wouldnt see someone mobbing a hill with this (skids call for more foreward weight, and with straight bars, it's very difficult to do so),you wouldnt see anyone doing tricks on it (it's carbon!) nor would you see it on a velodrome (you wouldnt even see it touch the drome's surface with those bars- bull horns or drops only!). i am deeply sorry if i offended, my apologies. i have a strong opinion on some of these things, and i find myself getting carried away at times.