Monday, October 12, 2009

BHSK neglect?

nah! i would never! my bad internet world, ive been quite busy...
oh so yooure probably wondering what hub that is... well...
i decided to go oooooold school. if youre still totally lost, this is the only polished iMD iD42 laced to a suzue disco pro max hub. this means i'm rolling a POS bike with a baller rear wheel.

it took a long time to get to this point here's the damage from last night (sh*t that got ruined):
2 soma steel core tire levers
1 (slightly used) soma everwear
1 regular tire lever
1 shop tire lever (yes, i went to a shop to put my tire on. it's too beast!)
1 tube of maas polish
1 bike tube

but now it's on my bike, and that's worth the sacrifice. then i found out it's going to rain soon. FAIL.

i'm pretty sure this wheel is from hell. I LIKE IT! from the sh*ttyness of the polishing process, to the wait for a hub that ended up having the wrong hole count, to the emptyness of my wallet- i couldnt have had a funner time.


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