Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the best backpack ever.

Rad Collector - Burton 2010 Liquid LoungerRad Collector - Burton 2010 Liquid Lounger
(via highsnob)
roomy? check. cooler? check. horizontal skatboard straps? check. wet/dry pocket? check. STEREO? check. it's a party in a bag. it's amazing. are you serious? a cooler, and a stereo (not just a stereo, A FUNCTIONAL AMP)? it also somes with 4 beer coozies, a burton golf towel, flask, dice, ping pong balls (for ping pong obviously) and a burton "THE KIT!" (whatever that is). at 200 bucks its sketchy, but with all the parties and money you'll make as the beer man, it wont matter.


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