Tuesday, October 13, 2009

14 bike co's insight on the modern cyclist

this is the modern cyclist
"I saw this, and although it obviously plays upon tattoo / the cut off jeans / tendster turn messenger thing that is apparently widely associated with fixed gear bikes, it was also sorta a bummer. without preaching bull about everyday vices, I just remembered how so much of a bummer alcohol can be to a session, I mean a bunch of mates will go session a spot for a while, and after 10 minutes the first beer run will be made – if that – and from then on, the riding spot just becomes a drinking spot, and we don’t move to anywhere else – unless its a party – and we just eventually stop riding bikes. I was talking to odge about how it goes down in Japan, and he seemed to indicate that although they enjoy their alcohol over there, for the most part the dudes he had met like to keep it isolated from their riding, and I reckon that’s a good thing. Its obviously a part of other similar activities, like BMX or skateboarding, but it seems that with those things most people started their passions for the sports before their drinking, and since the average age for fixed gear riders is about 65, its normally the other way round, so that instead of fitting any drinking around their riding, they seem to ride around their drinking. i’m ranting aren’t i?
I like the illustration, maybe I shouldn’t get so emosh

emosh. thats a slang term i havent heard before. emosh.... i really like the write up. alcohol does have an impact i guess.


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