Friday, August 28, 2009


yeah, yeah i know, dj am is very much so a hipster dj, but i have been to one of his sets and it was nothing short of incredible.

sure i was in the back, but that's a great spot to be: i saw that AM moved people, especially my generation. though i may not agree with my generation there's no denying Adam made a big impact. as a recovering sneaker addict, i would hear war stories of this guy named DJ AM having over 1000 pairs. he was my sneaker idol i recall when he and Travis got into a plane crash- my blink obsessed roomies were panicking about travis, i was panicking about Adam. i had heard his mixes before and i like what he did with travis. when he and travis released that metallica remix on "FIX YOUR FACE II" i went nuts. Adam overcame addiction and skirted death before. on my way to chico's critical mass (truestory) i found myself listening to TRV$AM. a while later, my gf called me to tell me he passed. he will surely be missed by the dj community, other's who were impacted by his works, and me.

there's a hipster party in heaven tonight, in a room full of every production nike sneakers.

peacefully rest Adam.


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