Saturday, August 29, 2009

mexico fixed's camera rig

tv1 520x390 Video Camera, Handlebar Mount
tv2 Video Camera, Handlebar Mount
tv3 Video Camera, Handlebar Mount
(via lockedcog)
no this is not a rip on the mexican fixed community nor is it meant to be offensive, but this is straight up not smart. let's list it out shall we?

1) riser/oury setup on a concept.
that's just a given, shame on you.
2) platform on a concept
that's just wrong.
3) camera mount on risers.
too much forward weight; camera is hanging OVER  the bars, so if too much weight is put forward (I.E. skid or leaning foreward too much while catching up in a chase) the rider will inevitable go up and over the camera.
4)spinergy rev-x
the rev-x is a ticking timebomb. due to it's construction, the carbon fiber blades CAN FAIL and potentially PENETRATE SKIN or STAB YOU. with more weight on the front, anything can trigger a rev-x failure. oh and standing the bike up at the weakest point of the rev x doesnt help it either.
5)distraction becuase of camera
obviously, the camera needs to be focused on the rider and therefore imposes the problem of being distracted. not smart.

no.... just-no.... dont do this.


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