Tuesday, July 21, 2009

progression in fixed freestyle: japan's bike carnival 09

japan has been a big part of progression in fixed gear riding- being the home of keirin races, and njs parts its no wonder how japan riders have made such an impact in fixed gear riding. sure, american riders create these tricks, but the japanese DIAL IN these tricks so well that they make it look extremely easy; it's amazing what these guys do.

recently japan held bike carnival and i have to say: WOW. one rider threw down a no footed air, extremely high barspin, as well as the smoothes 3 ive ever seen on a fixed gear.

teppei throwin it down.

(via charikichi flickr)

theses shots are AMAZING, but do it no justice:

Bike Carnival 2009, ファンタジーレース,Fixed trick Jam ダイジェスト(not official) from ryo ubota on Vimeo.

go watch teppei. HELLA DOPE. i cant wait for when the US gets to the point where they hold stuff like this. but by then we'll all be running pegs (HAHAHAHA)! big ups to japan for being at the forefront of fixed gear freestyle.


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