Tuesday, July 21, 2009


so the nike cycling shoe that debuted through lance armstrong had 4 colorways: massans (i think), superted's, undefeated's (jupiter desphy), and hal okadas. since i do like me some bike stuff, and i have a niche for sneakers..... naturally, i was drawn to this. hypebeast just put up a blog about superted and his colorway (which is the best in my honest opinion):

 (via hypebeast)
here's what they had to say:
"Cycling is a family affair for Superted. Riding around London with his dad and brother, Ted entered his first charity ride at nine years old, doing thirty miles on a 20 inch wheel, five gear mountain bike. With the miles and contests came lots of broken bike parts. Ted discovered a curiosity for repairing not only his bike, but others as well, and took a gig as a mechanic at age 16.
Dabbling in skateboarding and BMX, Superted soon started riding a fixed gear bike and adapted his old tricks to his new bike. He hooked up with Fixed Gear London, and loves the camaraderie of so many cyclists coming from so many different backgrounds within the movement. Still in London, Ted has his own workshop for building and repairing frames. He is working on a number of projects including the development of some new parts. He loves everything about bikes and hopes to ride for the rest of his life. Ted’s colorway of the Nike Air Zoom Tiempo with Nike Sportswear will be available in the US in Fall 2009."
HOOOOOOOO MYYYYY!! i cant wait until fall 09 to get my hands on these. =\ i really like these- up until now there hasnt really been a fixed gear oriented sneaker. this thing is going to have a really rigid sole and looks like an extremely comforable sneaker. of course it could do without the tongue, but that could be tucked in... the shoe's silhouette reminds me of is indoor soccer (or in ted's case, football) sneakers like nike sb's zoom fc, of the tiempo, or the 90.

all in all this is a sure sign that fixed gear riding is becoming acknowledged by industry like nike; let's hope they dont go overboard, yet support the fixed gear community accordingly.

best of luck to superted's bmx injury recovery and big ups to his collabo with nike's city tiempo.

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