Sunday, March 26, 2017

because the internet made me search: Supernova bikes

(via supernova)
so i was looking over the results of berlin's rad race on the interwebs (because the event really looked interesting) when a particular bike caught my eye. it was almost a gulf livery orange and blue, and had logos i had never seen before; i'm a curious fellow, and i know that there's not much in the track bike world that i haven't seen so naturally i had to look them up. these guys are supernova, they make frames out in italy. the two machines they have are the atom (up on top) and the pro 2.0 (bottom) which the latter seemed like the weapon of choice. first of all, GAT DAMN THESE THINGS ARE PRETTY. the atom would be their carbon setup and the supernova pro 2.0 is made of columbus tubing (because italian, duh) and both seem like wonderfully streetable frames. i really hope to see more from these folks, because these frames look fantastic. check them out.


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