Sunday, March 26, 2017

collaboration kings: State bicycle x The Simpsons

(via State)
here's a confession: when state bikes started, i didn't like them. this was the time where a million different "fixie" companies jumped into the ring trying to ride the wave, so me being the idiot i am, generalized a distaste towards all of them. state won me over, however. why? they started making cool shit like mountain bikes and cyclocross machines- they didn't limit themselves to a small corner of cycling and for that, i send serious props. part of the cool shit they do is collab with unlikely partners- this time it's The Simpsons. this collection is MASSIVE. we're talking about jerseys, shirts, bar tape, bottles, bikes, framesets, foot retention- you name it, they probably made it for this collection. seriously, check it out for yourself.


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