Sunday, March 26, 2017

playing the catch up game: the video dump

hey y'all. i've been busy. but i'm here now and that's all that matters. i have a bunch of things in the works, one of which involves hitting up sea otter later next month! i'm hyped to put the most ridiculous knobbies i can find on the 29er, and bring some new stuff to BHSK. there's also the opening of a new bike park in my town next month, so once i pin down the day, you'll definitely get something on that. do i have an excuse for being absent? yeah it's been fucking raining and i cant ride my fantastically new road bike (and you'll hear about this road bike one day). in the mean time i'm here playing catch up.

FWDSET: Movement from FWDSET on Vimeo.

kirk's stuff pops up on my facebook all the time and this video basically kicked my ass into logging in to post stuff to BHSK. if you dont know kirk, he's the brain behind FWDSET. the guy has been mobbing the streets of los angeles for a while now, and he fucking knows his way around a bicycle. you can get the inspiration notes over here at FWDSET.


i have been to or through san francisco probably 5 or 6 times this month. every time i roll through the city i see these iconic streets what pretty much got me into wanting to hit up hills on bikes that aren't made for hills. so when i see these fixie kids roll through my shop thinking they're bad with their purefixes and aventons, i get kind of preachy and start talking about MASH (because apparently be becoming an old man that drones off with the "back in my day..." spiel). then they proceed to be puzzled at my references, ask to use the pump and roll away. some of them come back, however raving and ranting about MASH,  and immediately agree with me saying their bikes are shit. but i'm digressing- chas got together with vito and stephano of SCVDO and gave the guys a tour of the city. if you're getting a tour from chas, you better have some fucking legs. or esspresso.

BOMBTRACK AT RAD RACE'S "LAST MAN STANDING 2017", BERLIN from Bombtrack Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

OKAY, WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THE IDEA TO TRACK BIKES ON A GO KART TRACK AS A BOOTLEG MINI CRITERIUM IS A FUCKING GENIUS AND DESERVES AN AWARD. this looks fun as hell and madly dangerous. this reminds me, i should email bombtrack and see how they're doing. if theyre making events like this happen, id assume theyre doing pretty well.


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