Friday, March 31, 2017

fat bottomed: CX magazine reviews the bombtrack hook

(via CX)
i have a confession. i want a cyclocross bike, and i want one very badly. more specifically, i've been looking into the idea of a monstercross setup- a cross bike with tires that are almost ridiculously wide for a bike with drops. since the advent of the 650b/27.5er tire, it's become easier and easier to turn ordinary cyclocross rigs into fat footprint bearing singletrack thugs. our friends over at bombtrack realize this, so they set off to make (at least for me) one of the coolest and cleanest cross setups of the bunch. we know that bombtrack makes some rad stuff, and the Hook EXT is no exception. the shit just looks proportionally correct to me, which is really hard to do with the fatty rubber to the ground.

anyway, cyclocross mag got their hands on one, and you can check out their rundown here!


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