Wednesday, January 28, 2015

this one goes out to the ladies: bombtrack 2015 line in video

now that i'm plopped in front of this computer, what's the first on the agenda? well let's take a minute and catch up with the bombtrack familia, shall we?

The DASH 2015 from WeMakeThings on Vimeo.
now i'm sure just about everyone who frequents this blog has seen this one on the internets. low and behold, this is a wolfdrawn joint disguised as a teaser for the bombtrack dash. and you should already know about the dash as well as the guy at the helm, elliot milner. so we wont really get into it. just sit there and enjoy it.

The SCRIPT 2015 from WeMakeThings on Vimeo.
now this fucker i want in my stable immediately. the script is bombtrack's aluminum track monster. it's sexy as fuck. tapered head tube, sram omni-nomnomnoms, a female axle front wheel with buttery smoothed out welds all over makes me want to take this thing out to dinner and kiss it goodnight.

to say i want this one is an understatement.

The NEEDLE 2015 from WeMakeThings on Vimeo.
actually no, i want this one in my stable. if the script is the sexy one that flirts with you all the time, then the needle is the one that keeps it real. this one is all new for 2015, and it's right up my alley with the reynolds 725 tubing- yep. it's fucking steel. and all of it is steel right down to that 5 piece fork. it's the blue collar beast and it even has a place where you can put that chris king headset you've been sitting on for ages.

The ARISE 2015 from WeMakeThings on Vimeo.
still staying within the singlespeed realm, bombtrack brings us the arise. this one we've seen photos of before but not much else. another steel offering, this one ventures off into the wild as a SSCX bike. but it's not so simple. you see, this one has a derailleur hanger, removable cable tabs, a built in singlespeed chain tensioner..... hell the thing has rack mounts if you really want to get into it.

The HOOK 2015 from WeMakeThings on Vimeo.

this is the part where things get rad. the hook is a full on cyclocross bike. it's a straight up, built to fucking kill, cyclocross bike- and a damn good one too. we're talking sram rival, avid discs, mavic wheels, all strapped to (wait for it) columbus tubing. holy fuck. i was gonna type something witty and funny here but all that comes to mind is "holy fuck that's built ass bike"

The OXBRIDGE WOMEN 2015 from WeMakeThings on Vimeo.

The OXBRIDGE MEN 2015 from WeMakeThings on Vimeo.
and now for something completely different. the oxbridge is bombtrack's mild mannered city bike. we're talking, full fenders, box rims,  gum wall tires, and everything old school. oh and ladies? you got a version of the oxbridge as well.

two bikes that haven't seen video treatment yet are the divide and zone. the divide is the "old school" 700c FGFS on which bombtrack is recognized for, and the zone is an urban super commuter that features a shimano internally geared hub.

it's crazy to see how much the bombtrack fam has grown in a matter of a few years. they may have a few more in the garage but the focus has still remained as their offerings have the common thread of being badass rides with top shelf stuff installed.


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