Wednesday, January 28, 2015

the photo that brought me back: james madarang hits the stockton rail.

(via alxgonzalz)
so, a whole lot of shit has happened. i stepped away from the blog for a long time because of a lot of things. at one point, i kind of lost faith in fixed gear. seeing all these uninformed fixed gear idiots on the internet and in real life took a toll on me- so much so that i started riding mountain bikes and bmx a little more. hell, i even took up rock climbing and went with that for a while (well actually i still do that but whatever). then about a week ago, this photo surfaced. the bhsk fam alex gonzalez captured the younger madarang hitting a double peg on the infamous stockton rail.

why is this even relevant?

first of all, alex is a rad dude and so is james. james kills it, and doesnt give a flying fuck about it. funny thing is, james is known for his classic style focused on flat riding. he also rides a 29'er, which is basically a "fuck you" to both the fixed freestyle elitists and bmx riders alike. as soon as i saw this, all the politics and bullshit that plagued me went out the window and i (almost) threw my laptop at the wall because i was so stoked over this.

that, and because i forgot to turn off automatic payments for my URL.

oh and follow alex on tumblr and make him famous or something.


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