Thursday, September 12, 2013

BHSK goes places: iminusd 4 year anniversary

this past weekend i crawled out of bed, swooped my camera and heded out to cannery park to celebrate the 4th anniversary of iminusd and 5th anniversary of local clothing brand, breezy excusion. these two brands are omnipresent in san jose, and both support FGFS and the local community greatly. here's what came from my lens.  get more after the jump

wheni arrived, i was greeted to a long line heading into the breezy warehouse. the iminusd familia was just setting up. i was also greeted with a cold, mexican beer. my family, they know me well.

as we waited for participants for the FGFS comp to pour in, a little sesh started right in front of phil wood. by the way (i didnt get a photo of this), the dudes at phil wood are baller as fuck. they rolled through into work with decked out, custom built santa cruz full suspension FAT BIKES. it was the gnarliest thing i've ever seen.

i missed getting down the race portion, but im pleased to announce that my homie josue got top spot. there were predictions that the race would take 22-27 minutes. josue did it in 20. that's how fast my dude is.

a good amount of people showed up. this year, things changed when the competition was made into a spot to spot format, thus providing a challenge.

the first spot was on the outliers of san jose high. this planter gap had a pretty good distance between launch and landing, so it sketched a few kids out. no matter, riders attacked it anyway.

moving a little over the side was this sidewalk gap. the run up was crazy narrow and you had to hop up before you launch.

jakob actually snapped his rear axle after this one. from here on out, you'll see him on blanco's bike.

this nezt one was right around the corner- double set with a kinked rail straight into a busy driveway. i was either going to be run over by a car or plowed through by jakob santos every time i took a photo.

this dude was getting WRECKED THO.

this doesnt really sum up how many people were rolling with us. just some candids.

racho was really getting this rail. in the end he was doing double peg, to hangover bars. what the fuck. that's nuts.

matt reyes always looks fucking yoked every time i take a photo of him.

crooks to crankarm out with watcha.

PVN always hitting the footplants.

little homie james madarang. little dude, big boy wheels.

double peg to bar on the wrong size wheels.


we moved over to the stage. hey look! something i could ride! matt reyes stole my camera at this point.

matt also took these supermodel/role model pics of the homie jeffy d being a delinquent in his breezy x wheeltalk baseball tee.

and now in front of my camera, Matt reyes shows why he's known as one of the best.

then we went to the next spot. where i got a flat after doing a couple of pedal slides. whoops, that ended abruptly. even though i had to ride back alone, i was really stoked on how far my imd familia had come. they started out just a year after i started this thing so on behalf of me and the FGFS/track/urban fixed gear community, congrats and we wish you many more years.


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