Thursday, September 12, 2013

my money, you can has it: QBP introduces cogburn outdoors

Introducing Cogburn Outdoors from Cogburn on Vimeo.
i'm a little asian dude from san jose. for some reason, i have these redneck tendencies- i own realtree stuff, i like guns, and if you get me to a certain point... i can show that i know lyrics to alan jackson songs. so when a fatbike  designed to replace ATV use in hunting shows up in front of me, i'm natually intrigued. a fatbike with scram x2, surly nates, full realtree and flat black appearance, and a gun/bow rack. i know i'm all supposed to be about that urban FGFS/track crap, but goddamnit i want this in my life.

the website isnt up yet, but you can keep tabs here.


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