Saturday, October 3, 2009

paul goodies

as a current chicoan, i have to represent the town i'm currently in. if your head is in the gutter and you have no idea what paul is about, paul components (not to be confused with san jose's phil components) is a chico based bicycle component company what spits out hubs, brake levers, cranks, racks, alot of stuff.
E-Lever Detail 1
 i have a paul e lever (same as above, but with a black body and silver lever) and i have to say, the quality and workmanship is amazing. stuff isnt cheap, but for the work put in, it's very worth it. recently they came up with some new scwag, 2 new cycling caps:
 New PAUL Caps
Logo Cap
the standard logo cap is made by swrve and embroidered right here in chico. made from 100% organic cotton twill.
Logo Cap Deluxe
the logo cap deluxe is hand made by luce goods in santa rosa and again is locally embroidered. it's oldschool with corduroy and stitched with blue thread. under the brim, theres a hella sick picnic basket material.


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