Monday, October 19, 2009

metal mondays: street machine of STTTTTEEEEL!

i was introduced to anthrax by accident. in one of the tony hawk pro skater games, there was the collabo with public enemy. naturally, i didnt know who i was listening to, nor did i really care. i was young and ignorant. in any case, i eventually looked it up and stumbled on anthrax. i immediately loved it. it wasnt wierd like those punk kids at school, it was heavy. it made you want to punch someone in the face. of course i moved on to heavier and heavier stuff (for example, right now im listening to job for a cowboy), but i always love to listen to some anthrax. now i know people will disagree, but im one of those people who thinks that joey belladonna was the best frontman of the band. i'll give you an example:

you cant go wrong with that. joey can still hit those nutzo notes. but when i look at that, i think "wow, anthrax is getting old.", "did joey really tuck in his shirt?", and "scott ian is getting younger and younger...." yeah, scott ian... i was both happy and wierded out see him on mtv and vh1. and now every time i think about anthrax, i think about scott ian. it's wierd. anyway, ladies and gentlemen: anthrax.


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