Monday, October 5, 2009

metal mondays: ANVIL!

i finally had the chance to watch "Anvil! The Story of Anvil" (i had intended to watch it when the movie came out), and i have to say it is one of the best movies ive seen for a while. i'm really not kidding- it's funny, it's sad, it's heartwearming, it evokes alot of emotions, but most of all, it's true. i'm gonna be honest, i've never heard of anvil prior to the movie and now i want to look into their music. they're like a mix between anthrax, dio, judas priest, maiden, sabbath, rush(they have some crazy prog stuff going on) and a bunch of early thrash bands that i dont even want to list because it's so extensive. what's amazing is that 1) theyre from canada (no where near the los angeles scene), 2) they influenced alot of the early thrash metal band i'm into.

lips and rob reiner are two talented dudes- lips just rips on riffs and solos, and rob...oh man, rob is probably one of the best drummers ive seen. and if you think about it, he's got a double bass before metallica made it popular. just listen to the solos around the 2 minute mark and 1:15 mark- his sticks must be braking the sound barrier or something! try asking travis barker to replicate that first solo- it's impossible!

now the reason why i picked this song is not only because it's sounds so sick, but the lyrics. goddamn it's like a cross between hot for teacher and breakin the law. it's hella f*cking raw.

"Out in the school yard little Peaches play
Rubbing their beaves, they got a lot to say
Never doing work, teachers are mad
Really don't care 'cause they're never sad
Little school Peaches take a word from me
Got to do your work and that's the way to be

School Love
School Love

Caught in the can having some fun
Teachers on the prowl now you gotta run
Underneath the stairs safety for awhile
Feeling each other 'cause that's your style
Now that you are caught, caught in the act
Gonna be strapped and that's a fact

School love
School love

Keeping you apart, watching all the time
Punishment is due for a lover's crime
All you little girls have a lot to fear
Knowing your principal is so near
Doing it again, breaking all the rules
Teachers are coming, they're no bunch of fools"

oh, and this is from their first album, which i listened to this morning. there's so many great songs on that record. honestly, if i find myself on a fixed gear edit where im bombing hills, i want this song the be in the bg. so if you havent watched "Anvil! The Story of Anvil", you should, here's the trailer:


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