Friday, October 2, 2009

fixed: a short insight on german's fixed gear culture.

fixed from David Holfelder on Vimeo.

damn slow down! hella cant understand german when people are talking that fast. i only know basic stuff. like "dieses ist meine fahrad" or "kaffeetrinkt" or "ein bier bitte!"-you know, stuff that's generally important in german culture. that said,  you dont really need to know the german language in order to understand some of the things theyre talking about. there are very nice bikes in here, a bunch of confiscated berlin bikes (even a well built cinelli vigorelli), a look into mashsf, as well as a small part with the euro cycle messenger championships. my favorite part was when the cop started to talk exretmely fast. i totally lost him in translation, aside from when he paused to say "ja?" in any case, david holzfeller does alot to portray how fixed gears are a big part of germany and incudes the ever important berlin brakeless ban. i say that germany has a lot of potential to be one of those places that can really make or break worldwide fixed gear culture. think about it: berlin was hot to the ECMC, and it had that ban. only time will tell. bravo david for putting germany on the map!


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