Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DAMNIT PHARRELL: doneau & peres x BMW x pharrell

Pharrell Williams x Domeau & Peres x Brooklyn Machine Works Fixed Gear Bike

(via highsnob)
so i guess i was quick to talk about bmw looking up again. again, i dont hate pharrell, i just hate this. earlier in the year, pharrell collaboed with doneau and peres (some designers or something like that) on making a chair. A F*CKING CHAIR. this bmw got the same treatment. way to make something so awesome so......frilly. all it is is a bmw gangsta track covered in YELLOW LEATHER. i repeat. YELLOW. LEATHER. black leather= metal. brown leather= classic. yellow leather= just wrong. greaaaaat.  way to take the gangsta out the gangsta track.


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