Wednesday, September 16, 2009

who incase is sponsoring at cmwc

the cycle messenger world championships are coming up this weekend, and incase has revealed their team:

Chas Christiansen

Name: Chas Christiansen
Age: 24 years old
Location: I live in San Francisco
Hometown: Olympia, Washington
Day Job: I am a bike messenger for Special T Delivery
Race History: I have lately been to the ECMC and NACC (3rd overall and 1st in sprints) and the worlds last year in Toronto and NACC in Chicago (17th overall)
Most memorable messenger experience: My best messenger memory is when I had a rush job… turned out it was fresh breast milk that I was picking from a law firm and taking to the kid at his rich ass house up in the hills. Really had to get hot on that one.
Favorite bike blog: I check CycleZine.

Fergus Tanaka

Name: Fergus Liam Tanaka
Age: Old enough
Location: San Franfuckingcisco
Hometown: Dixon, CA
Day Job: Bike Messenger
Race History: win some, lose some.
Most memorable messenger experience: The day I was hired as a messenger… probably one of the happiest days of my life.
Favorite bike blog: what’s a “blog?”

Puck Ananta

Name: Puck Ananta
Age: 32
Location: San Francisco
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Day Job: Mechanical Engineer, Photo Journalist, Blogger, Fakesenger and International jet-set!
Race History: NACCC San Francisco 2007, Registered to race CMWC2009Tokyo
Most memorable fakesenger experience: being let into building in downtown as courier…
Favorite bike blog: CycleZine, MASHSF, Prolly Is Not Probably and trackosaurus rex.

my guess is that they would be armed with these:

detail shot

the incase messenger bag. similar to the huf dqm skate messenger, this thing is pretty heavy duty....

im still rooting for the RELoad team.


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