Wednesday, September 16, 2009

news headline "funky fixies all the rage"

Fixie Fixation by Orange Twizzle Bikes.
(via orange20flickr)
orange 20 bikes posted up some articles on the fixed gear influx which happens to talk about a shop in my hometown, willow glen bikes of san jose. now if you know me, i read it fervently to look for misconceptions- surprisingly, i found myself learning more. did you know the velocity's sales TRIPLED since last year? yeah- no kidding. theres also an article about EAI adapting to the color coordination trend (personally, im not one who would color coordinate. it think it's an industry conspiracy to take the consumer's money while turning a blind eye to quality), as well as the "big three" adapting to the trend. the only thing i didnt like was the excessive use of "fixie"

one of the artcles that caught my eye was "regulatory gray area could cause legal issues for fixies". the concern is title 16 part 1512 of the code federal regulations;"[bikes] designed and intended for use in competition that have tubular tires, a single crank to wheel ratio, and no freewheeling are exempt." as the fixed gear consumer market is growing, brakes are being left out when bikes are being sent to shops. this gray area is going to become a legal liability when someone gets hurt on a bike. it's an interesting read, and i reccomend it.

big ups to orange 20 for sharing.


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