Sunday, September 13, 2009

messenger's creed.

"this is my bicycle.
there are many like it,
but this one is mine.

my bicycle is my best friend.
i ride it in the rain and traffic
so that i can pay the rent.

without me, my bicycle is useless.
without my bicycle, i am useless.

on my bicycle i must be fast.
i must be smarter than any driver who might hit me.
i will dodge them before they hit me down.

my bicycle and i know that what counts on the street isn't fixed gears, or carbon fiber,
dura-ace, or a campy record,
where i hang out, or who i work for,
we know it's the packages we deliver that count.

i will deliver.
i will deliver.
i will deliver.

my bicycle is human even as i am because it is my life
thus i have learned it like a brother;
like a sister.

i know it's drivetrain, it's top speed,
it's cornering and stopping distance,
it's limits and how to push them.

i keep my tires inflated and my chain clean and ready
even if i am ready.

this is my bicycle.
this is my bicycle.
this, is my bicycle.
we're a part of each other."

i respect messengers and what they do. i dont have any intention to mimic, mock, or undermine their work. this only deepens my respect for their jobs. i even typed the whole thing out because i enjoyed it so much. sans messenger stuff, this creed can make sense for the modern cyclist. it's very important to know the limits of a bicycle. it's important to be aware of your surroundings. it's important to learn and know how to maintain a bicycle. i hope all those new fixed gear riders who glorify the messenger community realize that messengers do extremely dangerous stuff on bicycles- yet it is their life, their meal ticket. i encourage all fixed gear riders to watch this video, as well as all cyclists.

props to dan gingold as well as the many couriers who to part in this video.


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