Monday, September 28, 2009

"if it's not fixed it's broke"

ah, ignorance. at she did some research. but she still uses the f word. richie ditta  makes an appearance and quotes:

"The tight jeans, the skinny shoes, white belt, tattoos, mustache, floppy hair -- that kind of stuff," explains Ditta. "That's the stuff that started when I was living in San Francisco and guys in bands were riding fixed. Fans were always imitating their style, right down to what bike they were riding. That's why there is usually such a connection in cities between bike culture and music and art exhibits. There's all this crossover counterculture."

other striking quotes were:
"It's easy to get the bike outfit but almost impossible to get the bike messenger job. New York City is estimated to have more than 800 couriers making deliveries daily, only some 10 of which are women, giving Gaines super street status, even if her warm cool fools you."Messengers are really skilled riders, sure we resent the trend that some kids pick up like it's a label, but in a city like New York or Boston, somebody's always going to give you that eye roll when you complain about it. Someone will always be there to call you an elitist.""

true. that's what ive been trying to say!

oh and hipsternascar needs to sue some one in this b*tch:
"It's like NASCAR for scenesters."

aside from the use of the f word and silly double meaning jokes, you should read it. thanks to tracko for leaking.


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