Sunday, September 13, 2009

DFL cyclocross race SF

rainier from mashsf does everything from the tour of california to the tour de SF to wearing a dress....
DFL race by JSN.M.
(via Jmag's flickr)
now there's a good reason for this.... i think. last wednesday was the DFL cyclocross race, where alot of people showed up:
Barry Wicks
Barry Wicks at SF DFL
barry wicks, the singlespeed champ.
Jason, Macaframa
Jmag of macaframa sans beanie and big glasses.
Andy, Box Dog Bikes with Ranier
of course rainier,
and cookie monster.
(these pics were via boxdogblog)
yes, cookie monster.

i completely understand cyclocross and the history, dont know why people do it, but it sure looks like a sh*tball of fun. for a more complete set of pictures peep the boxdog bikes flickr.


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