Friday, September 4, 2009

Boris rides fixed.

say hello to borris. the dudes who read my blog over in england may know who he is. if youre a silly american like me you would think hes just some bloke. borris happens to be borris johnson, mayor of london. yes, london. by now youre looking at that title thinking, "wtf? borris rides fixed? does this mean....?" and the answer is:

(via FGB)
F*CK YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!! he has a front brake, but regardless, it's fixed and at least it doesnt have 2 brakes- OH and it has sugino messenger crankset AND DEEP V's AND A GRIPLESS HANLEBAR SETUP (like mines!). london's government gets a +1 in my book.

cheers to borris for riding fixed!

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