Monday, September 21, 2009

BIKE CHECK #1: kassia meador

so lets set this up: last year i was sitting in chronic tacos in downtown chico. fuel tv was on, and kassia meador was hosting something. i dont know whether it was a rerun or something but regardless, she was on tv and i was scarfing downa fish taco.

fast forward to now. i posted up her bike as a thing for difisso bikes, and found out that she had posed up a link to my blog on her personal blog. i thought it was cool, but didnt know how much impact it would have. for the past few days ive been getting hits from her page as well as interest from other people about her bike. therefore, i thought that it would only be right to give her a proper bike check. thinking i wouldnt get a response (i mean im just a dude with a blog and a bike), i shot her an email. to my surprise i had a response the next morning. so kassia thanks for being a good sport and fitting BHSK on your busy schedule =]

with all that out of the way, this is kassia:

she learned the art of riding longboards at California's famed Malibu Surfrider Beach when she was 14. Quickly discovering her natural surfing talent and love for the ocean, Kassia dedicated most of her free time to the hallowed waves and beach culture of the Bu, refining herself into a smooth, stylish surfer with a graceful noseriding repertoire. For the past 9 years she has been traveling the world as a pro surfer and popular Roxy swimsuit model. (i must sound totally smart, but i just copy pasted it from hahaha)

this is her ever so popular bike:

frame (hella obvious): DiFisso ad frame cuz u can bar spin a 700
handlebars & stem:generic riser bars i cut and profile design stem
fork & headset: Difissio fork and tange head set
wheels & hubs: gold velocity b43's and origin 8 hubs
crankset: pake 165
cog: shimano 21T (damn girl! hella big cog!-jmik)
saddle & seatpost:  ravx venus saddle and generic stem
pedals & chain: mks pedals and kmc chain

heres some stuff she has to say:
"captain fin is a California based rad fin company making dope fins for surfboards. i ride for them and have my own model fin coming out soon...DiFisso liked the vibe of captain fin so they decided to do a captain fin difisso bike colab. Mitch of captain fin and Gio of DiFissio worked on two guy models and me and Gio worked on the girls one....i have been into riding biked forever but never really had a bike that would let me learn bar spins or any of that jazz. so when i did a bike i wanted to have that opportunity so on this one you can bar spin a 700 wheel which is rad i havent learned how yet but i am working on it and love that i can at least try now...i surf all of the time and love riding bikes because well its the best...going for long rides with my friends or just hanging at the park with the boyz learning new tricks its all rad!"

again thanks to kassia for just being hella awesome and writing back! hope you get them barspins down!


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