Wednesday, August 26, 2009

one gear, no idea: chris akrigg

so i know this has been around for a while now, and i know its amazing. ive been biking enough to know who chris is (probably one of the best trials riders out there), and i do know he rides for one of my favorite bike companies: mongoose. i have an alu mongoose mountain bike with all rockshox suspension and shimano components (all top of the line in like...1999)- remember, this was BEFORE they sold out. after that, mongoose went to the sh*t hole. theyve been able to recover their bmx and trials/ mountain bike divisions, but are still living in the shadows of their dark ages when they sold out.

One gear No idea from chris akrigg on Vimeo.
well this chronicles chris as he ventures into fixed gear territory. he does sliders on curbs and hips- it took hfwido hella long to get those! dude is doing stuff on a fixed gear ive never seen before. it's amazing how steep this akrigg's learning/adapatation curve is. this is one of the vids where you go: "f*ck it, i give up. im going to sell my fixed gear and go to bmx. f*ck this." i love this sh*t. chris, youre the f*cking sh*t.

PS. what bike is that? prototype mongoose? O_O should i be essited or what?


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