Monday, August 3, 2009

matt gillman: blind trials bike rider

this guy is incredible; i saw his first video and what he does is nothing short of amazing. matt's diabetes left him legally blind and well, he's on a bike. he can only see about 1 foot in front of him- that's rough. from his first vid:

     "all the obstacles that i do, i walk first and use my hands to find the layout. i am unable to see the length of gaps and the height of the . i use my front wheet to feel the edge of the obstacle i am on. when you do see me do gaps and drops, i cant see when the ground is coming up. i just go for it and hope that i put enough power to get where i want to land.

     i have been blind for a few years now. i was unable to ride my bike for a long while. when i decided to get back on my bike i had to relearn everything over from the simplest of things. i was unable to trackstand, pedal kick or any of the like. not only did i have to relearn everything, but i had to learn it in a much different way than i had previously learned."

here's his first vid:

try trackstanding blindfolded. yeah. thought so.


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