Wednesday, August 5, 2009

keirin cycles tour

i like the direction of keirin. homegrown, small shops run by cool dudes always makes me feel like this fixed gear culture is here to stay. thare are only a handful of  track bike specialized stores out there- some are full of old fogies that overcharge youngin's. there needs to be more of these as fixed gear communities get bigger and bigger.

Keirin Cycles from keirin cycles on Vimeo.

what really got me though was the restored 80's GT freestyle bmx. the only thing better than a track bike is a fully restored 80's bmx bike. there's nothing funner than sprints (alot of people dont understand it, but it's like DDR, some people get it, some people dont). all in all, i wish there were more places like florida's keirin. shouts to them.


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