Monday, August 10, 2009

hfwido's take streaker bike check

looks like you got those tire slides down like you wanted torey.

torey says on his vimeo:
"Other than that, this is pretty straight forward. There is one trick in here that took me forever to land, and that the 180 rainbow duck. This was seriously the hardest trick that I have ever attempted next to a wheelie 180. I am still not too proud of the Indian giving looseness of it all. I got really hurt, and dehydrated while filming it. Georgia summers are no joke."

at first i was like wtf? 180 rainbow duck? a 180 rainbow duck sounds like a raunchy homosexual sex position. but then i finally got it: he did a 180 to a fakie duck (as in avoid) a sign. its funny seeing all these blogs go "wtf is a rainbow duck?"

good stuff hfwido

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