Monday, August 31, 2009

books? books are not metal.

(via RFG)
tell me what's wrong with this. it's a book. and it's not affiliated with LFG's "fixed" mag. apparently this is going to hit shelves in october. here's the description.

“A fixed-gear bike is a thoroughbred racing machine, the cycle messenger’s workhorse and, for many street riders an aesthetic choice. Each bike is a statement of individuality that stands out from the hundreds of grey hybrids lined up at the traffic lights. A global fixed-gear culture has come into being.
Fixed is the first book to document global fixed-gear culture. It joins the dots between the bike’s design, its racing heritage and the customization that marks its appearance on our city streets. It meets the track stars, tricksters, messengers, hill bombers and polo players the world over, linking them to the artists, designers and framebuilders whom the bike has inspired. It tells the story of why these bikes are special through interview, image and archive – exploring the form, function, style and culture at the heart of the obsession.”

so is this the equivalent of sneaker freaker to sneaker heads? i dont know. im not sure if we're ready for a book. im not even sure if there's enough information to put in for a book. i think we're too simple. im 300% sure that the book will include sf bombing, and velodromes, and bike messengers, and blah blah blah. it'll be perfect for the male fixed gear cycling enthusiast who is 17 or under and wants to fake it till he makes it so he reads up everything he can.


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