Thursday, August 20, 2009

BHSK twitter, and other blog stuff.

my dumb ass had a great idea in my sleep- well, not really. the idea kinda came from, but i'm going to take credit for it. i just made a BHSK twitter. now i dont know if that's a fail move or a a good one but regardless, the f*cker exists. nothing big, just random bike blurbs and bleebles, and headline links to the blog.

im only doing it to improve the blog. hope i dont get too carried away.

in other news, i officially leave my hometown of san jose and return to chico, CA. it's like exchanging an apple for a stale and old beer, not the same. i'll still be covering san jose/bay area events (and still be trying to make it to san jose/ bay area events, if life permits me to), just not being in the general bay area. it's a sad day, but the weather is getting cold and the nights are getting shorter which means school is around the corner.

through next month, i want to get the links done; im always hella lazy to do them,  and when i do do them, i get so distracted to the point where i dont end up doing them at all. oh, and a really comprehensive "about" section where i'll have the links to all my rants and insights to fixed gear biking like "the 7 reason why the fixed gear movement should not stop", and the upcoming "why i f*cking hate my fixed gear" (it's going to be really elaborate and funny that one...)

it's a tall order for these upcoming months ahead, but hey at least i have some goals in mind.


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