Saturday, July 18, 2009

fit and t-1 are our only saviors now... bmx, skateboarding and fixed gear insight

Van Homan Will Save Us.. from james cox on Vimeo.

hitler is right on some points- the age of bmx riders making impacts on the scene are much older than fixed gear riders, and it seems there is a much older audience. in addition, it's true that bmx magazines are marketing towards a much younger audience and expose the inconistencies of age and scene impact- this is a hurdle skateboarding has seemed to get over with young skateboarders such as nyjah houston. bmx doesnt really have that. hitler is also correct in saying that bmx has tried damn hard to separate itself from skateboarding, and now that fixed gear freestyle has progressed, bmx is losing riders as well as being put on the backburner. younger audiences are now looking towards fixed gears instead of bmx, and bmx is looking like a caricature of old school guys reminiscing on 80's bikes. there is also truth in hitler's collegues' pointing out that many once diehard, and very much sought after bmx companies have released fixed gear variations: subrosa (one of my fav modern bmx companies) had the malum fixed, se has the lager and the draft and the dc pk ripper, fbm has the sword, volume has the cutter. plus, snafu bmx, a pinnicle company of bmx parts stated focusing on fixed gear freestyle. so yes, unfortunately, i agree with hitler- the bmx world is being rocked by fixed gear riding. it's unfortunate because it's causing a split within the trick cycling community where fixed freestyle no only making istelf known by splitting from bmx, but is also overshadowing the once popular, properly aged, and beloved bmx. so yeah, let's bring bmx back...

(but im still gonna ride my fixed gear....)

van homan will save us,


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