Tuesday, June 3, 2014

six years and only one decent idea: an apology and some BHSK project introduction

i started this blog in a dorm room in 2008. i really didn't see this more than a chronicling of crap that i do day to day since at the time i moved to a new city knowing no one. it's 2014 now and a whole lot has changed during that amount of time- including BHSK. initially this was supposed to highlight full on track bikes on the street but with the rise of FGFS, it's become more of an FGFS blog with a small track bike fetish when no one is looking.

how the fuck did that happen? that's what i'm going to try and find out. there's been so many things  that have influenced me as a blogger/rider/photo dude and i want to kind of shine a light on these people and places. with the fixed gear culture basically being dumbed down and diluted to shitty cookie cutter bikes which the general public deems as a colorful, inconvenient nuisance, i want to bring up some original shit and backtrack to why this thing became a worldwide phenomenon. i mean think about it: there are some people, companies, bikes and places out there that have brought the track bike/fixed gear/fgfs bike to where it is today. this is a huge undertaking that i have no clue how i'm going to fund, plan or do, but i'm going to try and work my ass off to do it.

i'm also going to redo the site because it's looked like this for a really long time and i'm kind of getting sick of how shitty and ratty it looks compared to the other homies' blogs. i mean come on.... i havent changed ths layout since...... 2010? 2011? damn i've been doing this shit for way too long.

forgive me for being away from the keyboard for such a long time, but i really needed this space to think and stuff.


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