Wednesday, June 4, 2014

with the 45: smc young guns

sMc Presents | YOUNG GUNS from JBall on Vimeo.
on my hiatus i missed a bunch of things and now im catching up tot the times. this was on my long list of things that i need to post. yes, it's been all over the place but i'd be daft not to pst it myself. zach babinski, sam rodriguez, robert rice, junho park, calvin g., grant higgins, miguel zendejas, and cole ruffing round out the roster in this one. i really have to give it up to jball and friends for stepping it up and breathing in life to fgfs. i'm stuck here in northern california and these kids out in so cal need more exposure- i mean i'm familiar with all of them, but this cements each and every one of them  in terms of style. fuck that cole ruffing part fucked me up. the friends part kinda messed me up too- WHERE HAS CHRISTIAN MUSGRAVE BEEN? that dude was the shit! and note all those dudes who are in the friends portion: you call have mad potential. i see you, NOW MAKE EDITS!!!!!

also shout out to jacob santos for that barspin ender. gat damn kid, you a monster.

but cole, fuck. fuck. FUCKKKKKKKKKK.


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