Friday, August 16, 2013

four letters: EQNX by leader lookbook

(via pedal consumption)
so this is supposed to be a lookbook for both the cycling kit and the frameset, but i'm more focused on the frameset right about now. i can tell you right now that i have no ties and have had no information given to me about this frameset but my predictions were spot on. the EQNX is the next offering by leader which features the union of both aluminum and 3k carbon fiber. it's kind of reminiscent to those old treks that ran carbon composite tubes with aluminum lugs. this, along with the renovatio release will really set it off for leader.


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John Jones said...

Hopefully they did the carbon or aluminium with a substrate of some type. Those frames will disintegrate due to a galvanic reaction of Carbon/Aluminium. Most of the manufactures of frames of this type had developed ways around this, but production techniques moved on. Also, I'd wager that a Scandium/Aluminium alloy frame is lighter and far stiffer. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could find that exact frame on direct from the factory...