Tuesday, July 16, 2013

based on speculation: eqnx by leader

(via pedal consumption)
leader has been quite secretive as of late. the renovatio, a second collaboration between pedal consumption and leader, was under wraps until recently and now this has popped up. the EQNX is supposedly going to be yet another track frameset by leader and all we have to go by is it'll be aluminum/carbon (well a lot of fucking information, jmik... a lot of fucking track frames are aluminum with carbon forks, jmik... don't be a dumbass jmik). i love to try and figure out things so i'm going to try and throw some weird ass shit in the air and see if i'm eventually right....

the leader renovatio photos did not feature a hed3 tripoke up front so i'm only assuming the silhouette we see before us in the EQNX tease is definitely the EQNX frameset. i'd like to point out the seattube/top tube/seatstay cluster- there are thick tubes that change off into thinner tubes. that i'm guessing is that this will feature both carbon and aluminum in the FRAME portion of the frameset (and a carbon fork of course). why else would they call it "equinox"? also, the silhouette is on what is clearly a tube and not a flat piece of carbon.... so it's definitely not the fork they're teasing at. only time will tell if my predictions are correct.


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