Thursday, August 15, 2013

take it down to hammer town: elliot milner for hammer down by wolfdrawn

Hammer Down | Elliott Milner from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.
right as i was popping out to head to montano velo for the broakland release, this pops up. i was basically forced to watch this in my driveway on my cellphone because hey- i stop whatever the hell i'm doing for a wolfdrawn edit. but this isnt for wolfdrawn it's for the blog that will end this blog, hammer down. this is some serious shit from elliot who has so much control over his bike, it's quite silly. so much ice. so much nosie stuff. you could probably take one wheel (front or rear) off this guy's setup and he'll still be able to rock it. this one's on the shorter side, but you'll definitely watch this one a couple times.


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