Thursday, July 25, 2013

i can care less about the royal baby: experiments in speed

Experiments in Speed from SpindleProductions on Vimeo.
we posted up about this thing a while back, and here's the video to accompany the awesome photos. this experimental bike was a collaboration between donhou cycles and royce components, two respectable companies promoting british produced cycling stuff. i thought i was hard with my 48/13 ratio, try 104/13. shit. what i love about this is the attitude- tom wanted a go at it, and he up and tried it. that's that hot rod mentality right there. there's no reason why this bike should exist, he's not an expert at this, the 60's ford zephyr isn't necessarily what people would have in mind as draft vehicle.... but he'll fuckin try it.... and that's fuckin metal.

it's epic, tom can say he's done 80 on a bike on pavement... there are very few people who can say that. he's also done 102 on rollers. not many people can say they have broken 100 miles per hour on a bicycle. if you think about the magnetude of those things, i would definitely say that though he failed at the attempt, this bike and this man are icons now.

i cant wait to see the second attempt behind the ford capri widebody with the legit cosworth motor.


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