Thursday, July 25, 2013

lay it down thick: gutterbutter x lockedcog #stayonyogrind instagram contest

(via lockedcog)
i reposted this guy on isntagram but i think it needs to make its way onto here. gutterbutter is holding a contest with or lockedcog fam on the instagrams. rules are simple. post a pic of a grind, mention @lockedcog and @gutterbutterwax as well as hashtag #stayonyogrind. you'll be entered to win a 3 month supply of gutter butter, 2 tees and 2 sticker/button packs. 

here's a tip- i looked over the entries and i think the photo i took of @tommymao is definitely a head runner. i'm not saying that because i took the photo, i'm saying that because kris was there and he knows how heavy this was. get crack-a-lackin' and remember to hashtag #stayonyogrind!


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